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“Trump’s War”: Five Of The Top Solutions Proposed in Michael Savage’s New Bestseller

Posted: March 16, 2017 at 8:40 am   /   by

Dr. Michael Savage tells his audience frequently that his new book “Trump’s War: His Battle For America” is intended to be a battle plan for the President and a rallying cry for Americans who want to drain the swamp and repair the damage done by eight years of Barack Hussein Obama’s scorched Earth policies.

In his new bestseller, Savage states that it’s time to prepare for Trump’s War. “Only we won’t be fighting on battlefields with rifles. We will be fighting an entrenched Establishment.”

Savage writes that President Trump is a powerful voice “counteracting the deafening din of left-wing noise,” advising readers that “the Establishment uses a corrupt media and an insidious network of agitators to wage a psychological war instead of a military one. Instead of shelling your town, they seek to imprison your mind with political correctness, envy politics and intimidation.”

It is oligarchs and special interests on both sides of the political aisle that Trump will be targeting. Dr. Savage correctly points out that both President Trump and Bernie Sanders agree that the economy is rigged for rich special interests. Trump’s solution is true capitalism, not the widespread crony capitalism we see today.

In later chapters, Dr. Savage discusses borders and culture as well as the problems of economics, rebuilding the military and how to repeal and replace Obamacare. Savage covers the 1st and 2nd Amendment, each in its own chapter with common sense solutions.

Dr. Savage is hopeful, noting there are members of Congress that Trump has already coordinated with. Savage also reminds us to not follow our elected officials like sheep, and encourages us to keep our eyes open and “…keep Trump on course to do what we sent him to Washington to do.”

One thing that’s different about “Trump’s War”, separating itself from author books by Dr. Savage, is there are less of the fiery diatribes we are accustomed to, replaced by even more in-depth analysis of the issues and how to implement solutions.

The following are five of the forty-two solutions offered by Dr. Savage, plucked at random from different chapters.

From Trump’s Economic War

On Trump’s first business day as president he signed an executive order pulling the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. He has said many times he’s all for “free trade,” but it must be fair. NAFTA is slanted toward the poorest of the three trading partners and it, along with TPP, represent a threat to our national sovereignty. Savage wrote, withdrawal from “…this (TPP) and withdrawal from or renegotiation of NAFTA were the people’s ‘red line’. On January 23rd, we won half that battle.”

From Trump’s War For Our Borders

Every liberal government official is in on the plot to invade America with hordes of foreigners from alien cultures, just like Merkel has done to Germany. Savage has been talking and writing about sanctuary cities for years; they’re called sanctuary cities because, in one way or another, they refuse to cooperate with the federal government on enforcing immigration laws. How about sanctuary cities for U.S. citizens? Savage writes, “well, you can’t have borders if dozens of cities act as if they don’t exist. Trump is going to have to find some way to abolish sanctuary cities, regardless of the political consequences.”

From Trump’s Culture Wars

Savage writes, “The entertainment industry is ground zero for the destruction of American culture.” He went on to make the point that Plato saw art and music as powerful and therefore potentially dangerous. Savage found it disturbing that Trump invited Kanye West to his tower during the transition last December. He writes, “I understand Trump is coming from the entertainment business and has friends there Trump is a showman; it worked well for him in the primaries and in the general election.” He goes on to say Trump is no longer a showman; he’s a statesman and he may have to distance himself from the people he associated with in the entertainment business. Many Americans elected Trump for a return to American values. A booming economy and a safer America under Trump is great, but we need our culture back just as badly.

From Trump’s War Against The War Machine

With the lying media on their side the liberals, neocons, and the war profiteers who align with both will never stop pushing for more war while calling Trump everything from a racist to a traitor whenever he tries to change the “Establishment warmonger foreign policy.” Savage tells us Trump will have four things to fight back with. “The first three are the truth, the bully pulpit, and the support of tens of millions of true Patriots who sent him to Washington in the first place”, Savage writes. “He’ll need the Savage Nation to stand by his side, especially now that we’ve confirmed that even the opinion polls can’t be trusted.” We need to stand by Trump when the warmongers tell every lie they can make up about him to try and undermine our support. Savage asks, “Can we do it for four or eight more years? We must.”

From Trump’s War For The First Amendment

Funding the military isn’t why Obama waited until 2 days before Christmas on a Friday to sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Hidden in the bill was a provision, Savage writes, “for all intents and purposes creates a U.S. government Ministry of Truth, right out of Orwell’s 1984. The new law codifies the anti-Russia propaganda the Obama administration and his liberal and neoconservative supporters sprouted for the past eight years. It then authorizes Congress to create a “Center for Information Analysis and Response,” the purpose of which is “whole-of-government initiatives to expose and counter foreign information operations.” Savage translates this to, “it’s supposed to counter anything it deems as foreign propaganda with propaganda of its own, using the vast resources of the federal government put at its disposal by the bill.” In other words, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Savage tell us we are going to have to push back hard at any sign Congress is trying to pressure the Trump administration to enforce this unconstitutional provision of the NDAA.

Pick up a copy of “Trump’s War: His Battle For America” today and see the other 37 ‘Savage Solutions’.

Jared Day

Jared Day

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Jared Day

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"Trump's War": Five Of The Top Solutions Proposed in Michael Savage's New Bestseller