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Jihad Report – September 16, 2016

Posted: September 17, 2016 at 5:00 pm   /   by


Obama: Thanks to John Kerry, We Discuss Climate Change in the Situation Room

‘High risk’ Guantanamo Bay detainees approved for transfer

‘Crazy policy’: Woolsey rips Guantanamo transfers

Obama Welcomes Refugees During Eid al-Adha Statement

Obama refugee show at UN next week: Will it be a bust?

Breaking: State Department announces plan to bring in 110,000 refugees next fiscal year

Where are legally required hearings in House and Senate on Obama refugee plan for FY2017?

Obama’s ‘110,000 refugees’ only half the story

Flint, Michigan: ‘City Leaders Not Informed’ by Feds of Plan to Send 100 Syrian, Iraqi Refugees

Resettlement Agencies: Increase Middle East-South Asia Refugees in Michigan by 40 Percent, Send 100 to Flint

Obama Administration to Oakland County, Michigan: No, We Won’t Comply with Refugee Law

Forget asking nicely, time to use freedom of information laws (Michigan model)

Now they are after West Virginia as new refugee office planned for state capitol

Breaking news! White House kicking off Welcoming Refugee Week today

Big businesses hire refugees, partner with Obama to replace American workers

So who are the refugee resettlement contractors targeting on the Hill today and in to next week?

More refugees resettled in Fargo area than anywhere else in North Dakota

Paris building refugee camps, segregating the sexes

Overloaded Buffalo, NY running out of housing for refugees; bring in prefabs?

Comment worth noting: Refugees are liars in Illinois (and where you live too!)

Northhampton, Mass. to hold two “welcoming” public “conversations” this month

The continuing budget resolution has destroyed Congress’ power to limit government

Nets Blackout State Department Admitting Ineffectiveness of Iran Deal

Congress Investigating Obama Admin-Funded Campaign to Unseat Israeli PM

Obama’s Resetting His Own Foreign Policy


Obama: Thanks to John Kerry, We Discuss Climate Change in the Situation Room

David Rutz                The Washington Free Beacon              September 15, 2016 

President Obama revealed at the Our Ocean Conference on Thursday that climate change is a national security issue for his administration that gets discussed in the Situation Room, according to the Weekly Standard.

Hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry, the Our Oceans conference is a two-day event in Washington focusing on issues like pollution and climate change. Kerry has made the issue of addressing climate change a central focus of his tenure at the State Department, and Obama thanked him for his dedication in that department.

“He has elevated the profile of climate change, ocean protection, to the point where we have conversations about this not just in the Oval Office but in the Situation Room,” Obama said. “And that is critical in helping us mobilize all of government around the issues that all of you care so deeply about.”

Obama has expressed strong concern about climate change, particularly in his second term, calling the trends “terrifying.”

“What makes climate change difficult is that it is not an instantaneous catastrophic event,” he said last year. “It’s a slow-moving issue that, on a day-to-day basis, people don’t experience and don’t see.”…


‘High risk’ Guantanamo Bay detainees approved for transfer

Special Report to Bret Baier            Fox News               Sep. 16, 2016 

On ‘Special Report,’ Catherine Herridge reports on the president’s last-minute drive to close the prison…

The video…

‘Crazy policy’: Woolsey rips Guantanamo transfers

America’s Election Headquarters, with guest Amb. James Woolsey       Fox News      Sep. 16, 2016 

On ‘America’s Election Headquarters,’ the former director of the CIA slams President Obama’s strategy…

The video…

Obama Welcomes Refugees During Eid al-Adha Statement

Charlie Spiering               Breitbart News               12 Sep 2016 

President Barack Obama is reaching out to Muslim refugees, issuing a statement recognizing the Muslim holiday of Eid-al-Adha.

“[W]e are reminded of the millions of refugees around the globe who are spending this sacred holiday separated from their families, unsure of their future, but still hoping for a brighter tomorrow,” Obama said.

He told Americans that the United States is determined to welcome Muslim refugees and immigrants into the country.

“As a Nation, we remain committed to welcoming the stranger with empathy and an open heart—from the refugee who flees war-torn lands to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life,” he said…


Obama refugee show at UN next week: Will it be a bust?

Ann Corcoran                 Refugee Resettlement Watch                September 13, 2016

And, it is not me asking that.  It is at IRIN (a news site aimed at a “humanitarian” audience).

After wading through the many paragraphs on what is expected to happen (not much) with the United Nations Refugee shindig on the 19th in New York, we come to the important section about Obama’s special propaganda show on the 20th. We expect him to use the gathering to lecture and guilt-trip Americans into “welcoming” even more of the third world to live in your neighborhoods.

I have to laugh at one thing a few paragraphs into the article (below).

Only countries willing to help are invited.

So this is what I want to know, if Ethiopia is on the list, does that mean they plan to keep more of their people at home and not transport them to America as refugees?

From IRIN (hat tip: Joanne):

With hopes already dashed that anything substantial will come out of the UN summit, some are looking to the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees that President Barack Obama will convene on the margins of the General Assembly the following day to deliver more tangible outcomes.

But while there are relatively few unknowns associated with the UN summit, the leaders’ gathering on Tuesday, 20 September is one big unknown.

The stated aims of the leaders’ summit are: to double the number of refugees who are resettled or admitted through other legal channels to third countries; to increase funding for humanitarian responses by 30 percent; and to increase the number of refugees in school and who are granted the legal right to work by one million each…


Breaking: State Department announces plan to bring in 110,000 refugees next fiscal year

Daniel Horowitz             Conservative Review               September 13, 2016

Earlier today, pursuant to the Refugee Act of 1980, which requires the State Department to consult with Congress on the annual level of refugee intake, the Obama administration announced its plans to admit 110,000 refugees in FY 2017 beginning October 1. That is a 25,000 net increase from this current fiscal year level, and a 40,000 net increase from most recent years. It is also 10,000 more than the State Department projected for FY 2017 during last September’s consultation with Congress.

Are the people and their representatives powerless in stopping this forced transformation?

As I wrote in Stolen Sovereignty, Ted Kennedy promised that the 1980 refugee bill would limit the flow of refugees and increase Congressional input in the process. Refugee intake was to be capped at 50,000 a year. But in a sleight of hand that the public would have never approved had it been advertised in a transparent way, the president was granted de facto unilateral authority to increase the flow over and beyond the 50,000 cap beginning in 1983 — in consultation with Congress.

Initially, Congress took the annual consultations, usually occurring in September prior to the next fiscal years, quite seriously. They conducted hearings and spelled out the refugee needs and concerns. Now it has become nothing more than State Department officials briefing the House and Senate Judiciary Committee on how many refugees they will take in — with no recourse from Congress to say no. Thus, we are stuck with this massive social transformation and security risk, and no ability to stop it statutorily.

Just today, Germany arrested three Syrian refugees on suspicion that they have ties to the Islamic State. That Obama could unilaterally force a similar policy down the throats of American citizens and Congress sits back impotently — without learning the lessons of Europe — is horrific.

With two weeks remaining to the current fiscal year, we have already admitted 11,503 Syria refugees. According to the State Department refugee database, as of September 13, roughly 99.3 percent of the Syrian refugees are Muslim, despite the Christians taking the brunt of the ethnic persecution, which is the main determinant of refugee status based on statute.  8,436 refugees were brought in from Somalia, the 25th consecutive year of refugee intake from that country – a country of origin that has proven to pose one of the greatest security risks in terms of homegrown terror.  All but two were Muslim.  Overall, roughly half the 77,000 refugees admitted so far this year are Muslim and from volatile places such as Afghanistan, Burma, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria.

Also disturbing is the fact that Obama is seeding small communities with large numbers of refugees who are radically different from the local population, and he refusing to cooperate with state and local officials. The administration has declined to inform governors of refugee resettlement, even after refugees were resettled in their respective jurisdictions, despite the legal requirement of advanced consultation with states. And while courts grant illegal immigrants standing to sue for citizen rights, they block states from suing Obama for violating the refugee statutes


Where are legally required hearings in House and Senate on Obama refugee plan for FY2017?

Ann Corcoran                Refugee Resettlement Watch                 September 8, 2016

President Barack Hussein Obama will send his final ‘determination’ letter to Capitol Hill this month with the number of refugees (200,000?) he wants admitted to the country in Fiscal Year 2017 which begins in 23 days!  I’m guessing the letter and the required report won’t be delivered until his big show at the UN on September 20th.

That gives little time for Congress to do the job legally required of it under the Refugee Act of 1980 and that is to hold hearings in both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. However since both committees know what is required of them, they could have the hearings on their respective committee calendars for the week immediately following the 20th. I am not seeing anything on either of their calendars.

I won’t stop beating this drum!  The number of refugees admitted to the US this coming year will depend on the REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS (not on Obama!). 

They can cut the funding for the program and thus cut the number of refugees placed in your towns! If they want to!

Last year was the first year in many, many years where the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judiciary Committees held any legally required hearing on the President’s plan and that is only because so many of you were clamoring for hearings in light of the huge Syrian numbers being proposed (you know the number will be even bigger this year, Hillary wants 65,000!).

But, both hearings came after the fiscal year had begun. See here and here (too little too late).

Because they want to get home and campaign this fall, they will have adjourned and there will be no hearings in Octobertherefore we must demand a hearing in both committees this month!…


Obama’s ‘110,000 refugees’ only half the story

European-style meltdown feared if Hillary elected

Leo Hohmann             World Net Daily               September 15, 2016

The White House kicked off “Welcoming Refugee Week” Thursday, two days after it informed Congress it would be boosting the number of refugees delivered to American shores by nearly 30 percent.

The Obama administration told Congress it wants to permanently resettle 110,000 refugees in fiscal 2017 which begins Oct. 1, roughly half of them coming from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma and other jihadist hotspots where vetting of refugees is extremely difficult.

That’s a frightening number for many conservatives in Congress – up 29 percent from 2016 levels of 85,000 refugees, and up 57 percent from 2015 when 70,000 refugees were delivered to U.S. cities and towns. But the actual numbers will likely end up being much higher than even the president is admitting, possibly as high as 150,000 to 200,000, experts say.

That’s because, as WND earlier reported, the Obama administration has consulted with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grande on ways to bring more refugees from Syria into the United States under “alternative pathways.” This stream of refugees would not be called refugees at all, but rather they would enter the U.S. on student visas, health visas, expansion of the family-reunification visa and other creative methods.

Under the Refugee Act of 1980, a law authored by the late Ted Kennedy, most of the authority over the program was given to the executive branch. Congress controls funding for the program, but everything else – how many refugees come from what countries and where they get sent upon arrival in the U.S. – is controlled by the president. Congress, regardless of what party is in control, has in 35 years never denied funding for a president’s refugee program, meaning it is very unlikely it will do so this year.

Finally, the people get a choice

But this year, the American people actually have a choice, by electing Donald Trump to the White House, says conservative writer Daniel Horowitz, author of “Stolen Sovereignty.” Trump has said he will stop all refugee resettlement from terrorist-harboring countries. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, has said she intends to increase the resettlements from Syria by 550 percent…


Flint, Michigan: ‘City Leaders Not Informed’ by Feds of Plan to Send 100 Syrian, Iraqi Refugees

It is crystal clear that Obama and his gang are trying to distract us…

…from the Islamist threat with shiny objects like “global warming”…

…and Islamify our nation by stealth while we are looking in another direction…   Dave

Michael Patrick Leahy              Breitbart News               15 Sep 2016 

Breitbart News has learned that a resettlement agency funded by the Obama administration plans to send 100 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to Flint, Michigan, in the fiscal year that begins next month on October 1. But that plan appears to violate a clause in the federal Refugee Act of 1980 which requires the federal government and director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to consult with local as well as state governments prior to the placement of any refugees within their boundaries.

“At this point it appears city leaders have not been informed of the details regarding this matter,” a spokesperson for Mayor Karen Weaver and the city of Flint tells Breitbart News.

It’s the same story with the government of Genesee County, in which Flint is located.

“As of this time the Genesee County Board of Commissioners has not been notified of any settlement of 100 refugees from Middle East – South Asia,” Jamie Curtis, Chairman of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners, tells Breitbart News through a spokesperson.

Flint, a city of 100,000, is in the midst of a financial and public health crisis due to high levels of lead in its drinking water after a 2014 change in its source from the Detroit Sewage and Water System to the Flint River.

According to this FY 2017 abstract submitted to the Department of State by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which operates in Michigan as Samaritas, the resettlement agency plans to bring 100 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to Flint Michigan in the twelve month fiscal year that begins in less than three weeks. The document was obtained in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

With all the financial and public health problems the city of Flint, Michigan faces, critics are wondering if it makes any sense to force 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees upon the citizens of Flint, Michigan.

The Obama administration told Congress on Tuesday it wants to increase the number of refugees brought into the U.S. in FY 2017 to 110,000 — up 29% from 85,000 in FY 2016. Unless Congress specifically rejects Obama’s plan, that 110,000 number will go into effect starting October 1.

Resettlement agency abstracts across the country are almost always rubber-stamped by the Obama administration. That is likely to be the case in Michigan in FY 2017, as Breitbart reported recently


Resettlement Agencies: Increase Middle East-South Asia Refugees in Michigan by 40 Percent, Send 100 to Flint

Also, notice how these resettlement agencies are renaming themselves…

…in order to dissociate from their Christian and Jewish origins…

It is just another sign that they have sold out…

…and have become mere extensions of Obama’s immigration policies…   Dave

Michael Patrick Leahy              Breitbart News                 14 Sep 2016 

Breitbart News has obtained the FY 2017 refugee resettlement proposals from the five leading resettlement agencies that operate in Michigan showing they plan to jam down a 40 percent increase in refugees from the “Middle East-South Asia” region, which includes Syria, on residents of Michigan in the fiscal year that begins on October 1.

These plans in Michigan are completely consistent with the nationwide “refugee number determination” the Obama Administration presented to Congress on Tuesday: an increase of the FY 2017 ceiling by 29 percent to 110,000, up from the ceiling of 85,000 that was approved for FY 2016. The actual final number for FY 2016 is likely to reach or exceed the original ceiling number, if the run rate of the last few months continues for the final two weeks of the fiscal year.

In their FY 2016 plans, these five agencies–Lutheran Social Services (which recently changed the name of its Michigan operation to Samaritas), Church World ServiceCatholic CharitiesHIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), and Episcopal Migration Ministries— proposed 4,060 refugees overall to be resettled in Michigan, 2,567 from the “Middle East-South Asia” region, which includes Syria. As of September 13, 3,783 total refugees, 1,217 of whom are from Syria, have been resettled in Michigan to date this fiscal year. At the accelerated run rate of the past few months, year end numbers are likely to hit or exceed the FY 2016 plan for 4,000 total refugees in Michigan, of which over 1,300 are Syrian refugees.

The FY 2017 plans, obtained through Freedom of Information Act request made to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services by a local Michigan grassroots group (as were the FY 2016 plans), show that that these five resettlement agencies have proposed a 38 percent increase in overall refugee resettlement, up to 5,606 refugees. This includes a 40 percent increase in refugees from the “Middle East-South Asia” region that includes Syria, to 3,586…


Obama Administration to Oakland County, Michigan: No, We Won’t Comply with Refugee Law

Michael Patrick Leahy                  Breitbart News               8 Sep 2016 

Robert Carey, the Obama administration’s director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), recently told Oakland County, Michigan that the agency he directs has no intention of complying with the Refugee Act of 1980‘s requirement that it “consult regularly …with local governments concerning the sponsorship process and the intended distribution among the States and localities before their placement in those States and localities.”

In a letter to Carey dated June 17, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson wrote: “It has come to my attention that between October 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016, 1,860 refugees have been placed in the State of Michigan…Of those 1,860 refugees estimates are that hundreds of them have been resettled in Oakland County. Oakland County has not been consulted with respect to the placement of refugees in our jurisdiction. Exact numbers of refugees placed in Oakland County are not readily available as the federal government is not performing its statutory duty to consult with local governments as discussed below.”

Patterson then “request[ed] and demanded that the Office of Refugee Resettlement . . . [1.] provide Oakland County with all pertinent information regarding all refugees settled in Oakland County in the past two years [and] . . .  [2.] begin consulting with us quarterly as required by federal law concerning refugees to be resettled in the county in the future.”

Carey’s response to Patterson’s demand was condescending and dismissive: “Concerning your request about consultation, Michigan submitted a State Plan for fiscal year 2016 describing resettlement activities in the state. In the State Plan, Michigan stated that consultation meetings would be convened on at least a quarterly basis with representatives of local affiliates of resettlement agencies, state and local government agencies, and other community-based organizations that serve refugees. These meetings are held in each of the three resettlement regions in Michigan. Additionally, the Michigan Refugee Advisory Council facilitates coordination among resettlement partners across the state. I encourage you to work with state officials to ensure you are included in these consultation meetings in the future. ORR, in turn, works through the State Refugee Coordinator and its regional representatives to maintain open communications with the state.”

Carey places the burden for finding out about these “consultation” meetings and attending them on Oakland County. The Refugee Act of 1980,  however, requires both the director of ORR and “the federal agency administering the program,” which could mean an employee of ORR,  to consult with the locality prior to the placement of refugees there. The statute does not include any provision to accomplish this consultation through the State Refugee Coordinator, who actually is an employee of the state government, not a representative of the federal bureaucracy.

Carey also dismissed Oakland County’s demand to obtain “all pertinent information regarding all refugees settled in Oakland County in the past two years”: “You requested “pertinent information regarding all refugees settled in Oakland County in the past two years” and ORR does not share personally identifiable information about refugees. Therefore, we cannot fulfill your request.”

The Refugee Act of 1980, however, specifically requires that all public health problems associated with specific refugees be reported to county officials. As Breitbart reported: “[R]efugee resettlement agencies are required by the Refugee Act of 1980 to assure “that refugees, known to the agency as having been identified . . . as having medical conditions affecting the public health and requiring treatment [such as active and latent TB], report to the appropriate county or other health agency,” and that their health status is subsequently monitored by both the county or other health agencies…


Forget asking nicely, time to use freedom of information laws (Michigan model)

Ann Corcoran                 Refugee Resettlement Watch                September 15, 2016

We learned this week that the Obama Administration is setting the table for a huge increase in the number of refugees to be admitted to the US for the new fiscal year which begins October 1, presumably setting things up for a Hillary presidency (and making it harder for a Trump administration to pull those numbers back in January without hate-filled attacks against him when/if he does. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth—waahhh!—with refugee contractors saying they are already in the pipeline).

We also know that the REPUBLICAN Congress has the final word because they can appropriate money for the program or withhold the funding in the next few weeks and months.

However, now that the Presidential determination has been sent to Congress there is no reason a local refugee office or a state refugee coordinator*** should withhold from you the Reception and Placement Abstract which lays out how many the local resettlement contractor is planning for your town.

I know many of you have been asking nicely for those important planning documents and are being rebuffed.

They like to use the excuse that they were in the deliberative stage with their plans for your communities, but that excuse is now gone!  All of those documents were used to prepare the determination that has been delivered to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

(BTW, you might look at the rosters for both committees and see if your Member of Congress or Senator is on the committee, then get on the phone and call their office and tell them you want the R & P Abstract for ____federal resettlement agency working in your town/city. Put the office to work for you! LOL! I’ll bet your Washington rep has never seen the documents that will ultimately change his or her district forever!)

However, you may just have to go the FOIA route.

Every state has a Public Information law (it might not be called FOIA where you live, FOIA usually refers to the federal law) managed by your state’s attorney general.  For example, here is Maryland’s.

Find the site where you live and then use the request letter template they provide. When using the state FOIAs, response time is pretty quick (usually)…


Now they are after West Virginia as new refugee office planned for state capitol

Ann Corcoran                        Refugee Resettlement Watch                 September 13, 2016

West Virginia has been near the bottom of the list of resettlement states for the last 9 years that I’ve followed the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, but all that could change.

Resettlement contractors are running out of housing and frankly ‘welcome’ where they have overloaded cities like Lancaster,PA (do you want WV schools to have to cope with this!) and Buffalo, NY so they are casting about looking for fresh territory (populated with lots of naive do-gooders!).

A couple of years ago the folks in Wyoming were able to hold off a program there.  Montana couldn’t quite manage it and now has homeless refugees in Missoula.  RutlandVT citizens are working hard to turn back the plan to bring Syrians to their city.  And despite what this story from the Charleston Gazette implies, a pocket of resistance is growing in Charleston, WV.

Most eastern states have not dodged a bullet (LOL! except for Joe Biden’s Delaware).  West Virginia has always been near the bottom of the list of states being targeted. Not anymore.  See my earlier post on Charleston, here.

Imagine in a state where the coal mining industry has been decimated by Obama, they are now being asked to ‘welcome’ impoverished refugees from mostly the Middle East and Africa with a new resettlement office in Charleston!

Where are West Virginia’s two US Senators? Where is Rep. Alex Mooney (a Freedom Caucus member) who represents Charleston? Are they o.k. with importing more poverty for the state?

And, don’t miss the fact that WV Rep. Evan Jenkins is on the House Appropriations Committee. All three, Capito, Mooney and Jenkins could bring this plan to a screeching halt if they wanted to!

From the Charleston Gazette earlier this month:

Of the more than 10,000 Syrian refugees placed in the United States this fiscal year, just five were resettled in West Virginia, but efforts persist to make the state a haven for Syrians fleeing the carnage of civil war in their country.

Charleston is still in the running to become one of the Episcopal Migration Ministries “resettlement communities.” The resettlement agency has 30 similar communities throughout the United States where local organizations assist the refugees with translation, finding work and health care, getting to know their community and other services…


Breaking news! White House kicking off Welcoming Refugee Week today

Ann Corcoran              Refugee Resettlement Watch                September 15, 2016

As I have been saying, the refugee industry has a masterful media propaganda campaign backing Obama’s last big push to change America by changing its people. In less than 30 minutes the White House launches its part of the highly orchestrated Refugee Extravaganza leading up to Obama’s United Nations shindig this coming Tuesday.

Get in on the action!

If you tweet, use #RefugeesWelcome and #WelcomingWeekTell them what you think!

From the White House Press Office (hat tip: James):

This week kicks off National Welcoming Week, during which communities honor the contributions of immigrants and refugees and highlight efforts to build stronger, more prosperous communities that seek to welcome everyone. Today, the White House is hosting Welcoming Refugees: Honoring Refugee Integration and Refugee Voices. This special event will convene faith-based groups, refugee resettlement organizations, local governments, refugee leaders, and others to lift up innovative refugee integration initiatives and celebrate the outstanding contributions of refugees across the country.

I’ll be there with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. You can follow along at from 2:30p.m. to 5:30p.m. EST and share your thoughts on social media using the hashtags #RefugeesWelcome and #WelcomingWeek.

Our county has a rich tradition of welcoming refugees. Over the past 40 years, our nation has resettled over 3.2 million refugees from countries that span the globe.

President Obama believes that we are stronger as a nation when we welcome immigrants and refugees into our communities and harness their skills. This year, we are proud to announce that we have met our goal of welcoming 10,000 Syrian refugees a month ahead of schedule, and we are well on our way to welcoming 85,000 refugees to our shores in 2016. And in 2017, we will seek to resettle 110,000 refugees, increasing the number of people we receive by almost 60 percent over a two-year period.

Thanks for being part of this vital conversation and for acting to make #RefugeesWelcome.


Cecilia Muñoz
Director of the Domestic Policy Council
The White House


Big businesses hire refugees, partner with Obama to replace American workers

Ann Corcoran                   Refugee Resettlement Watch                September 15, 2016

Huge companies, many of them multinational corporations, are, according to the International Rescue Committee(America’s wealthiest refugee contracting agency), scooping up refugee workers and training them apparently rather than spending the money to train needy African American or other American citizens.

The International Rescue Committee tells us that ‘do-gooderism’ is secondary to making smart business decisions that they say are driving these companies. (Ha! I bet the IRC’s volunteers think this is all about humanitarian zeal!)

Americans first!

Wouldn’t it be smart to train and hire needy American citizens first especially in cities hard hit by unemployment that leads to hopelessness and crime? Apparently not!

So if it’s simply good business:

  • Are refugee laborers willing to work more cheaply?
  • Are refugee laborers subsidized by government programs and therefore tax credits fall to companies who hire them?
  • Are refugee laborers trapped (they can’t easily go home) or quit the job?
  • Are refugee laborers more compliant and less willing to complain about working conditions?
  • Are refugee laborers pawns who are really here to change the demographic make-up of America(apparently supported by the companies Obama has lined up below)?

We have previously reported on Chobani Yogurt and Chiptotle, both glowingly described by the International Rescue Committee (remember they gave George Soros their Freedom award recently) which directs us to Obama’s Partnership for Refugees sure to be on full display at the United Nations next week (at Obama’s shindig on the 20th).

Here is what the IRC says about Hamdi Ulukaya at Chobani (a leader of the Hijra!): “Other companies have worked on the problem more deliberately. At Chobani—whose Kurdish CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, has committed the majority of his personal wealth to ending the refugee crisis—the company started hiring refugees soon after it started to grow. Resettled refugees now make up 30% of the company’s employees. This, however, isn’t without political challenges: Chobani has faced criticism and calls for boycotts from conservatives who argue that the company is taking jobs from American-born workers.”

Another company the IRC gives a glowing report about is Starwood Hotels (they need maids and janitors) and according towikipedia the massive chain may be bought out by Marriott.  The Marriotts are long time big supporters of amnesty and more refugee resettlement.

Your communities are being changed forever so that giant corporations can have cheap compliant labor!…


So who are the refugee resettlement contractors targeting on the Hill today and in to next week?

Ann Corcoran               Refugee Resettlement Watch               September 15, 2016

This isn’t about anything other than money for them (from you)—for salaries, for offices, for travel, and to pay for their lobbyists who in turn look for more money to promote their political views.  Originally the Refugee Act was supposed to be about a public/private partnership, but the contractors now rely almost completely on your money.

Here (below) is who is being targeted by the refugee industry today.

You should be calling too! As soon as I see any news about their postcard dump, I’ll post it!

From Refugees Welcome:

Take Action TODAY: Tell House and Senate Leadership to Increase Refugee Funding

Here’s a sample of what to say: “As Congress considers Fiscal Year 2017 funding, I urge them to increase funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement and the Migration and Refugee Assistance account to support refugee assistance overseas and refugee resettlement in the United States, over and above last year’s levels. Resettlement in one of the ways the U.S. can lead by example and leverage international support for refugees. My community welcomes refugees, and I urge Congress to increase funding for refugee protection and resettlement.”

  • Kentucky:

o    House Appropriations Chair Harold Rogers (R-KY-5): (202) 225-4601 / @RepHalRogers

o    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY): (202) 224-2541 / @SenateMajLdr

  • Mississippi: Senate Appropriations Chair Thad Cochran (R-MS): (202) 224-5054 / @SenThadCochran
  • Missouri: Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO): (202) 224-5721 / @RoyBlunt
  • Oklahoma: Representative Tom Cole (R-OK-4): (202) 225-6165 / @TomColeOK04
  • South Carolina: Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC): (202) 224-5972 / @LindseyGrahamSC
  • Texas: Representative Kay Granger (R-TX-12): (202) 225-5071/ @RepKayGranger
  • Wisconsin: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI-1): (202) 225-3031 / @SpeakerRyan

Even if your state is not represented, please call House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today!

You can also tweet your Senator/Representative: “[email protected]/REPRESENTATIVE, show that #AmericaWelcomes by supporting increased funds to resettle #refugees! #RefugeesWelcome”…


More refugees resettled in Fargo area than anywhere else in North Dakota

Two key points…   Dave

  1. Once the resettlement process starts, it accelerates because…
    …existing refugees can bring in relatives using an expedited process…
  2. The big businesses that convince politicians to bring in refugees…
    …can have economic downturns…
    …as happened to North Dakota’s fracking industry…
    …when Saudi Arabia flooded the oil market and drove prices down…
    These businesses have not only swapped out American workers…
    …for low-wage “refugees”…
    …they have abandoned they brought in and spiked the local unemployment rates…
    …with refugees who now have little hope of finding a job.

Archie Ingersoll               Grand Forks Herald               Sep 8, 2016 

FARGO — By a wide margin, the Fargo area takes in more refugees than any other place in North Dakota.

Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead, Minn., have received a total of 6,220 refugees since 1997 — over three times the number who arrived in Grand Forks and Bismarck combined, according to Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota (LSS), the nonprofit group hired by the federal government to resettle refugees in North Dakota and Moorhead.

Cass County Commissioner Chad Peterson brought up this discrepancy at a meeting of refugee resettlement officials on Thursday, Sept. 8. He told the group he’d like to see refugees spread more proportionately across the state, given that Cass County’s social service system doesn’t have enough money to meet their needs.

“Right now, our social services is overburdened to the nth degree,” he said. “There is a substantive burden spent when we have folks in this quantity coming in that make the lower salaries.”

Cass County represents 23 percent of North Dakota’s population. But the county has taken in 72 percent of the state’s refugees in fiscal year 2016, which ends this month, according to LSS.

Shirley Dykshoorn, who oversees refugee resettlement for LSS, said one reason so many refugees land in the Fargo area is the availability of housing and support services, as well as job and education opportunities. Another factor is that the Fargo area has the state’s biggest ethnic community, and a large amount of LSS resettlement work involves reuniting incoming refugees with relatives already living here. “Family ties help remove or reduce isolation, and support the families,” Dykshoorn said, noting that refugees without ties are mostly being sent to Bismarck.

County Commissioner Mary Scherling, who also attended Thursday’s meeting, said she embraces having refugees in the community, but she believes resettlement needs to be done in a fiscally sound way: “We want to make sure that we have the resources to support people when they come here as well, and maybe other communities could share that responsibility with us… It shouldn’t be a burden to Cass County taxpayers only.”

Peterson said he expects oil extraction in western North Dakota to eventually ramp up again, at which point communities there could benefit from refugee workers…


Paris building refugee camps, segregating the sexes

Ann Corcoran                  Refugee Resettlement Watch                   September 7, 2016

Invasion of Europe news……

Refugee camp to open in Paris in October.

It isn’t quite this bad here. We don’t have camps yet, but…..  could it happen?

Already housing is short for the tens of thousands of refugees Obama (and the Republican Congress) have admitted this fiscal year.  We still have over 10,000 to squeeze in to America this month (see here)! And, we have tens of thousands of so-called ‘unaccompanied alien children’ to house.

Could we end up with refugee camps in America?

Thanks to Joanne for this story from France at the Huffington Post.  You will have to read it yourself because it won’t allow any snips. The gist of the story is that so many asylum seekers are building make-shift camps that the powers-that-be have decided to build them some nice ones right in Paris.

They are segregating the ‘refugees’ by sex because of all the rape and other sexual abuse going on in refugee housing throughout Europe…


Overloaded Buffalo, NY running out of housing for refugees; bring in prefabs?

Ann Corcoran                 Refugee Resettlement Watch                 September 8, 2016

So what else is new.  We told you here just the other day that Missoula, MT, which is getting its first refugees, can’t even find housing for the first arrivals.

Obama’s resettlement contractors are plowing ahead nevertheless trying to hit the 85,000 mark for this fiscal year (see here).  I wonder does the US State Department give them a pass on their contracts which require providing a properly-sized house or apartment so they can get those bodies in here before the bell tolls midnight on Sept. 30th?

And, what makes them think they will have housing for 200,000 next year when they can’t find it for 85,000 this year? (If your town is gleefully building low income housing, be ready for refugees!)

Buffalo has been a long-established refugee site but gee, not enough affordable housing so now some are suggesting bringing in prefabricated housing—can you say refugee camp?

From WIVB Buffalo: “BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- The number of refugees coming to Buffalo continues to grow. In 2016, more than 1,000 refugees have been resettled in the Queen City, according to city officials…


Comment worth noting: Refugees are liars in Illinois (and where you live too!)

Ann Corcoran             Refugee Resettlement Watch              September 12, 2016

I’ve been writing about two things lately that come together in this one comment from a regular reader.

Posted to my report Saturday headlined, The big lie: refugees are not being vetted, this is what ‘domstudent11’ reports:

Ann, they are indeed not being vetted! As a shocking update to the refugee family in my family member’s apartment (Evanston, IL), it turns out that these people LIED to World Relief and the church that sponsored them. They were evicted last week after doing over $4,500 worth of damage to the apartment. When the landlord tried to bill them for repairs, it turned out that EVERY piece of information they gave to World Relief and the church was a LIE. The Evanston Police are now involved. This family has gone underground. So much for vetting. Even the contractors are fooled!

What are the two important points to take away? First, refugees are not being thoroughly vetted (some not vetted at all), and that landlords are increasingly wary of leasing to refugees especially as we learned here, the resettlement contractors dropping them in your towns will not back up the refugees by co-signing their leases (amazing!).

BTW, if the lazy, fearful complicit Members of Congress really wanted to reform this program they could make some simple fixes (initially) and one would be to make it a law that federal resettlement contractors must co-sign every home or apartment lease when they place refugees. And, make sure damages come from their own meager, privately raised funds (not from more of your tax dollars)…


Northhampton, Mass. to hold two “welcoming” public “conversations” this month

Ann Corcoran                   Refugee Resettlement Watch                 September 7, 2016

We told you the other day that Northhampton, Massachusetts was ready and eager to “welcome” Syrian Muslims (99% of Syrians being admitted to the US are Muslims) this coming fiscal year which begins in only a few weeks, on October 1.

Catholic Charities, the primary resettlement agency there is holding two meetings this month to find support and help for the refugees because they do admit that after 90 days Catholic Charities’ (taxpayer-funded) help ends.  At that time the refugees become dependent on the goodwill of the city and the welfare that Catholic Charities has signed them up for.

Here is the news at  Our earlier post on the new refugee program for Northhampton is here.  How is the housing in this upscale city? A shortage of housing seems to be a growing problem everywhere.

Northampton residents are invited to attend two public conversations on the upcoming resettlement of 51 refugees into the city.

Catholic Charities of Springfield***, the agency contracted with the State Department to facilitate the resettlement, will host the sessions along with a “welcome home” steering group of local leaders.

The first, to be held Sept. 19 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the JFK Middle School cafeteria, will be attended by Mayor David Narkewicz. The second will take place Sept. 24 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Northampton Senior Center.

Susannah Crolius, the Catholic Charities coordinator of outreach and resource development, said the conversations are part of an effort to build a long-term support and integration network for the refugees…

The State Department typically provides funding for 90 days of services after refugees relocate to the United States….[Catholic Charities gets a cut of that for administering the program—ed]…

Catholic Charities is adopting a small-scale, carefully planned approach, Crolius said; 51 is the minimum number of refugees a host community can accept.  [The following year CC will ask for 100 until like Lancaster, PA, the city could get up to 900 a year.—ed]…


The continuing budget resolution has destroyed Congress’ power to limit government

Ann Corcoran                  Refugee Resettlement Watch             September 9, 2016

Neither the Democrats or the Republicans want to limit it!

Readers, you might prefer juicy and outrageous stories about immigrant and refugee crimes, about security screening, about what Trump and Hillary are doing today, about resettlement contractors rolling in your money, about immigrant fraud, about George Soros and his ilk, about progressives (Dems!) changing America by changing its people, but there is only one issue now, as boring as it might be, and that is that the Republican leadership in Congress has sold you out for more than two decades and it is they who are changing America by changing its people by not standing up for you and the US Constitution first!

This is the next installment in my recent civics lesson (I’m learning this too!) in what I hope is not a vain (time wasting) effort to focus your attention on the Republicans in Congress.

Below is an excellent (2013) explanation by author Angelo Codevilla about how Congressional leaders (Rs and Ds) have subverted the Constitution to advance permanent ruling class control over our government and your money! Hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum.

From Library of Law and Liberty (sorry to snip so much but please read this and then continue reading the whole article):

The current battle over whether the 2013 Continuing Appropriations Resolution (CR) should de-fund Obamacare or not [substitute this year’s battle over refugee funding—ed] is the latest instance in which the CR mechanism is being used on behalf of a big government program the demise of which would be certain were Congress to play its Constitutional role by following its “regular order” as the keeper of the people’s purse – a role fundamental to democracy.

Herewith, a brief explanation of how new the CR system of funding the US government is, and how radically subversive of republican government. Important to America as Obamacare’s fate may be, the current battle’s stake is nothing less than whether the people can control government through their representatives or whether government can define its own scope and powers.

Since the Middle Ages, the first and most basic restraint on arbitrary government has been the people’s power to decide how much money the government will spend, and for what purposes. The US Constitution puts it this way: “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of Appropriations made by law” (Art. I sect.9). Nowadays however our bipartisan ruling class limits the Congress’ opportunity to approve, disapprove, or modify what the government does, to voting on “Continuing Appropriations Resolutions” – single, all-inclusive bills crafted behind closed doors. Then it cynically asks the people’s representatives: “will you agree to laws no one has read, to programs on the continuation of which you have not voted, and to regulations that haven’t been written yet, or will you shut down the government?” This turns democracy into a choice between tyranny and anarchy.

Until circa 1990, Americans had taken seriously the relationship between appropriations and democracy. House and Senate used to divide the Executive departments’ requests for funds and programs into multiple categories and sub-categories. Then many committees and subcommittees held hearings on each item, followed by “mark-up” sessions in which each would be modified and voted on. Thereafter, the full House and Senate would debate, amend, approve or disapprove them, one by one. This was “regular order” – more or less as described in civics books.

This changed at first gradually in the 1980s, when Democrats (and Republicans) who were resisting the Reagan Administration’s efforts to trim government figured out that individual appropriations bills delayed until the end of the fiscal year could be rolled together into “omnibus” bills. These could be advertised as merely “continuing” the current year’s programs and spending levels. In reality, these all-in-one bills 1) protected current programs from scrutiny, amendment, or repeal 2) were stuffed with new favors, programs, provisions and priorities that could not have survived an open process…

…. the Republican leadership, by acquiescing in the practice of funding the government by Continuing Resolutions rather than by individual appropriations has emasculated the most virile means by which mankind has ever limited government…


Nets Blackout State Department Admitting Ineffectiveness of Iran Deal

Nicholas Fondacaro               Media Research Center                 September 14, 2016 

When the Obama administration finished constructing the Iran nuclear agreement the public was told, and the liberal media supported, claims that the deal would lead to smoother negotiations and interactions with the country. “Now, under questioning from Fox News, the Obama administration is allowing for the possibility that they were wrong,” announced Special Report anchor Bret Baier Tuesday, “And that the nuclear deal may be making the behavior of the Iranian regime worse.” Even with such a shocking change in position the “Big Three” networks failed to report it.

After noting some of the recent aggressive confrontations perpetrated by Iran in the Persian Gulf against US forces, Fox News’ Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen reported the Obama administration’s stunning admission. “Now for the first time, the Obama administration admits the president’s signature foreign policy initiative, the Iran nuclear deal, which went into effect in January, could be worsening, not improving, Iran’s behavior,” Rosen reported.

Rosen asked State Department spokesperson Mark Toner if he can rule out the Iran Deal as a cause of the increased hostility. “I can’t rule that out. Iran, like many countries has an internal political process that’s defined by a lot of different dynamics,” Toner responded to the Fox News journalist. He noted that Toner’s statement is a departure from the administration’s usual position, since on August 30 Central Command Commander, General Joseph Votel stated to the press, “I would say we haven’t seen a significant change in their behavior.”

According to Rosen, this admission comes as new details are emerging of Iran’s dealing with Al Qaeda during the hunt for Osama bin Laden and beyond:

The picture of an emboldened Iran emerges as lawmakers have begun examining a small set of documents from the Osama bin Laden archive that US Forces captured in the raid that killed the Al Qaeda chief in 2011. The House intelligence chairman told Fox News those documents connect Iran and Al Qaeda more closely than the administration has publicly acknowledged.

“Nor is the Iran/Al Qaeda connection solely a thing of the past,” Rosen continued, “This summer, the Treasury Department sanctioned three senior Al Qaeda figures living in Iran, who are said to be using that country for a base from which to move money around, acquire weapons, and coordinate with other terrorists.” Even this disturbing connection between Iran and Al Qaeda has gone unreported by the liberal “Big Three” networks…

The video and more…

Congress Investigating Obama Admin-Funded Campaign to Unseat Israeli PM

State Department purged emails about $300,000 grant to anti-Netanyahu group

Adam Kredo                    The Washington Free Beacon                September 16, 2016 

Congress on Friday launched a wide-ranging probe into a secret Obama administration-funded campaign to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to information exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The probe comes on the heels of an internal government report determining that the State Department provided hundreds of thousands to an organization that plotted to unseat Netanyahu in the country’s 2015 election.

Obama administration officials were found to have deleted emails from State Department accounts containing information about its relationship with OneVoice, the non-profit group that led the effort.

OneVoice, which was awarded $465,000 in U.S. grants through 2014, has been under congressional investigation since 2015, when it was first accused of funneling some of that money to partisan political groups looking to unseat Netanyahu. This type of behavior by non-profit groups is prohibited under U.S. tax law.

A group of nine leading lawmakers led by Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.) are now formally petitioning the State Department to come clean about the effort and provide answers about how U.S. taxpayer dollars were permitted to be spent on an organization working against the elected leader of America’s closest Middle East ally, according to a readout of the investigation obtained by the Free Beacon.

“State Department officials failed to properly vet the OneVoice grant proposal because they failed to properly conduct an analysis of risks in the pre-award phase,” the senators wrote in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry. “Unfortunately, it seems that inconsistency and apathy toward oversight of such grants at the State Department is not new. Our aid dollars should be going toward solving real problems, not contributing to the destabilization of allied governments.”

The lawmakers—including Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), Mark Kirk (R., Ill.), Orrin Hatch (R., Utah), Mike Lee (R., Utah), and Johnny Isakson (R., Ga.) among others—wrote that the State Department turned a blind eye to OneVoice’s highly partisan activities and failed to perform proper oversight about how U.S. funds were being spent by the group.

“State Department officials utterly failed to follow established procedures and guidelines to properly identify, mitigate, or guard against any risk that OneVoice would misuse these funds before, during, and after the grant period,” the letter said. “As a direct result of these failures, OneVoice was able to use the more than $300,000 grant to build campaign infrastructure and resources which later were deployed in support of a negative campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his Likud Party, and the democratically elected coalition government of Israel during the 2015 Israeli parliamentary election.”

State Department officials were aware of OneVoice’s partisan activities, but still permitted the grant money to be awarded, according to the senators, who are pushing for the administration to take disciplinary action against the officials involved.


Obama’s Resetting His Own Foreign Policy

America now mainly retakes ground that we (and our allies) once held. 

Now if only we could get Obama to reset his refugee and immigration policies…   Dave

David French                National Review               September 16, 2016 

If actions speak louder than words, then Barack Obama has been systematically admitting the failure of his own foreign policy. With the notable — very notable — exception of his Iran policy, his actions over the past year reveal an increasingly aggressive military approach to our foes and geopolitical rivals, along with increased military support for key allies.

Just this week, the United States and Israel signed the largest military-assistance deal in American history, a ten-year, $38 billion pact that should help guarantee Israel’s qualitative military advantage in the Middle East for the foreseeable future. For all the pressure and tension between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government, Obama is leaving office with no two-state solution and no peace deal but rather security assistance that will long outlast the memory of any political tension or rivalry.

At the same time, American ground troops maintain their presence in Afghanistan and have slowly ramped back up in Iraq, with allied forces massing for a decisive battle for Mosul, a fight that could effectively push ISIS out of every major Iraqi population center. American special forces are engaged in Syria and Libya, and bombing raids are hitting terrorist targets from Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria to Somalia.

In Europe, Obama has quadrupled military spending and bolstered American support for the Baltic states. The Washington Post characterized the joint NATO effort as “pouring tanks, warplanes and soldiers” into the region. In the other words, the 1980s called, and they have their foreign policy back. As the Post describes, Russian and Western officials make clear that they are settling into a confrontation that neither side expects to end quickly.

It’s difficult to overstate the gap between this new military reality and the hope and promise of the Obama candidacy. He was going to end wars. He was going to “reset” relations with Russia. Even as late as 2012, he was trumpeting the success of his approach. American troops were home from Iraq, Osama bin Laden was dead, and all seemed mainly quiet on the Russian front.

While Obama’s pacifism was always exaggerated (he did, for example, order a surge in Afghanistan, waged stepped-up drone campaigns, and bombed the Qaddafi regime into oblivion), at the heart of his ideology was the notion that certain American actions created a series of “legitimate grievances” in the Muslim world and beyond. In other words, American actions had provided jihadists with pretexts for war and material for recruitment.

By reversing course, decreasing our military footprint, and ending the most controversial of Bush-era programs, we could isolate the extremists, cultivate relationships with allegedly more reasonable Islamists (witness the aggressive courtship of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and of Libyan revolutionaries), and refocus American resources on domestic problems.

The result was tragic. American withdrawal created a series of power vacuums largely filled by American enemies. By throwing away the Iraq victory, Obama created space not merely for the re-emergence of al-Qaeda in Iraq (since renamed ISIS), he permitted Iran to exert ever greater levels of control even over our remaining Iraqi “allies,” and his light-footprint Libya campaign helped turn that nation into a cauldron of jihadist violence and unrest. A reset was essentially mandatory. And to the extent that Obama keeps ignoring the lessons of the (very) recent past, there will be more resets to come.

By 2014, Obama’s foreign policy was in a state of near-collapse. Russian forces invaded Ukraine, and ISIS launched a blitzkrieg from Syria that routed the Iraqi army, threatened Baghdad and Erbil, and initiated a genocide of Christians, Yazidis, and dissenting Muslims. By 2016, ISIS influence had spread across continents, and ISIS-inspired and ISIS-planned attacks had rocked the great cities of Europe and had even come here to the United States.

So a reset was essentially mandatory. And to the extent that Obama keeps ignoring the lessons of the (very) recent past, there will be more resets to come…



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