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Trump-ing the Media and Left’s Hypocrisy on Russia

Posted: August 31, 2016 at 1:45 pm   /   by

In July, Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, broke tradition and held a press conference on Day 3 of the Democratic convention. Typically, the sparring parties give each other their safe space during the week of their respective conventions; however, in the spirit of being an unconventional candidate, Trump quite literally trumped the Democrat convention by holding a press conference in which he challenged the press to hold the Democrat nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, accountable for an estimated 33,000 emails conveniently missing from her private server. He also queried the press on why his opponent had not held a press conference in over 235 days at a time when the Democratic National Committee (DNC) saw information leaked publicly revealing their tactics to put a stop to the rise of Bernie Sanders, confirming Sanders and his supporters’ claims the DNC, led by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was indeed engaged in shenanigans to put out The Bern.

What the leaks also revealed is the blatant hypocrisy within the DNC, who long denied they were seeking to sabotage Sanders’ campaign. Unveiled were disturbing tactics, rhetoric, and just how complicit mainstream media outlets have been in assisting the DNC for the sake of another Clinton presidency. Instead of being publicly humiliated and held accountable, the operatives within the Democrat party and their cohorts in the equally corrupt mainstream media cried out that Russia must have leaked the information in order to help Trump win in November. Their feeble narrative served as nothing more than a means to manipulate outcomes during the election season and to draw attention away from the caustic, damaging contents in the leaked DNC emails. Therefore, Trump provided a perfect response by stating that if Russia was listening to please see if they could locate the missing 33,000 emails from Mrs. Clinton’s server and turn them over to the FBI.

The media frenzy that followed was nothing short of unprecedented, and Trump’s comments reportedly upstaged Day 3 of the Democrat convention. Cries of ‘Treason!’ and ‘Traitor!’ were echoed against Trump in several media outlets dripping from the pristine lips of the ‘expert’ political analysts feigning outrage, particularly those in the tank with the Democrat Party; however, even precious media geared to The Right aired concerns over Trump’s commentary during discussions regarding DNC information possibly being leaked by Russia.

Frankly, Trump’s comments were ingenious. Trump did what no other presidential candidate has done since Ronald Reagan: he illustrated the absurd with the absurd. Trump also received the same reception from the media and his political foes in the Democrat leadership as President Reagan did in August of 1984, when he jokingly stated the following:

“My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

Though many in media tried to characterize Trump’s words as collusion with Russia, it had quite the opposite effect. The American People ‘got it’ and so did much of the talk radio circuit. Even some of the political analysts were able to grasp that Trump was making a joke of it, and why shouldn’t he? After all, it was the DNC who said Russia was trying to help Trump by releasing the despicable DNC emails in the first place, so if Trump has so much power and communication with Russia, why not call on them to help locate Hillary’s emails, too?

The truly disgusting feature in all of this is not Trump’s comments, but the hypocritical behavior on the part of the DNC, political elites and mainstream media. After all, where were the cries of ‘treason’ in 1983? Where was the outrage when a wannabe-presidential-candidate/sitting-Senator actually did call on Russia for help in manipulating an upcoming election?

Ah! Silence is indeed golden!

The media, DNC and unfortunately, the GOP do not make mention of the fact that in 1983, a sitting Senator from Massachusetts actually participated in treasonous activity, when he requested a Cold War era world leader’s assistance in manipulating the perceptions of the American people to tilt an election the way he wanted in preparation for a 1988 presidential run. Fortunately, Sen. Ted Kennedy was not the nominee in 1980, 1984, 1988 or thereafter, but it did not stop him from being elected to the Senate for two more decades  or attempting to undermine and defeat a second Reagan term on false pretenses with a little help from a chief enemy of the free world:  Communist Russia.

What should have been easily handled as espionage on the part of Kennedy was nowhere to be found in American news at that time. In fact, it would not be until much later during the rise of talk radio that such activity was brought to light but even then, it was not common knowledge. The London Times published a story by Tim Sebastian in 1992 about the memorandum detailing Kennedy’s request to the leader of the Soviet Union, Yuri Andropov (former KGB director), which American mainstream press still conveniently ignores to this day.

Kennedy’s request is actually comparable to how the DNC in 2016 operated from within to mock, manipulate and thwart support for Sanders. Clearly, the DNC learned very well from their lyin’ in the Senate and have carried on with their party’s tradition to provide aid and comfort to America’s enemies in exchange for a little boost at the ballot box – and perhaps to elevate a foundation or two.

Fast forward to March of 2012 in which President Barack Obama’s open mike picked up his conversation with then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The exchange was not just a few passing words but a direct reference to the upcoming presidential election with President Obama stating, “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Medvedev responded that he understood and would transfer the information to Vladimir Putin. Where was the media scrutiny and investigative zeal from so-called respectable journalists at that time?

Since Trump’s comments, it has been revealed there may have been collusion between the Democrat’s presidential nominee and Russia; however, there remains a precarious unwillingness on the part of major media outlets to thoroughly report and question the relationship between Russia and The Clinton Foundation – just as a complete mainstream media blackout continues regarding the factual, historical act of treason on the part of Sen. Ted Kennedy in pleading for Russia’s intervention in the 1984 elections during The Cold War era.

The question must also be explored on why the media or The Left would have a problem with anyone – even Trump – consulting Russia on anything knowing the (former…) Soviet Union has long been the altar at which progressives worship. When the same media, so silent on Kennedy’s summons to Russia thirty-three years ago, becomes holier-than-thou and mystified with Trump’s humorous suggestion Russia should locate Hillary Clinton’s emails and deliver them to the FBI, it is not because the media sincerely believes Trump is colluding with Russia – it is because they know they were effectively trumped at their own game.

May we all see – preferably before voting or the upcoming debates – just who has cozied up with whom as we continue to witness the unfolding of the relationship between The Clinton Foundation, Russia and both the mainstream press and Hillary Clinton’s other friends with benefits.



Image Source: PRODonkeyHotey/Flickr/This portrait of Hillary Clinton was adapted from a photo in the public domain from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Flickr photostream: face
License: CC BY 2.0

Lisa Ruth

Lisa Ruth

Team Writer at Western Free Press
Lisa grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her writings have appeared in several publications including UR Chicago, Sonoran Alliance, Arizona Daily Independent, Smart Girl Nation and She has been a featured guest on The Tammy Bruce Show, Monica Crowley, The Freedom Hour, KNST Tucson’s Saturday Nite Rap Up, The James T. Harris Show and was a co-host for Red Pill Radio 2013-2014 with fellow host and Arizona Daily Independent contributor Keith Powell.

Lisa currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her artwork, a ton of books and her cats.
Lisa Ruth

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Trump-ing the Media and Left's Hypocrisy on Russia