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Jihad Report – July 30, 2016

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Why didn’t the Democrats even mention the Clinton Foundation?

What the WikiLeaks Hack Exposes About Democrat Media Bias

Guess who let their bias show?

DNC Attendees Loved Having A Big, Beautiful Wall To Protect Them

Justice Department Knew of IRS Scandal 2 Years Before Congress but Did Nothing

US dossier bares Pakistan’s role in Pathankot terror attack

South African twin brothers plotted violence, court hears

Somali Americans divided as FBI informant testifies against friends

Minneapolis Somali ‘youths’ invade suburban neighborhood, threaten homeowners

Don’t miss more on the Somali roving gang in Minneapolis suburb; Governor says love it or leave it

Ten things your town needs to know as it is targeted for refugee resettlement

Obama spending millions to find summer jobs — for refugees

Shocking Report Reveals Feds Spend $20K Per Refugee

Census: Illegal immigration up 57% to 550,000, one new Albuquerque A YEAR

U.S. to rally business for refugees, Obama aims to double global resettlement

Supreme Court refuses to rescue Obama’s amnesty

The Politics Of A Pause

Missoula on verge of opening refugee office

To The Citizens of Radford, Virginia

Muslim attack on flag-waving American family remains mystery

York Police chief “shocked” at decision to give ISIS teen parole

Man with Quran made threats before arrest at Denton County courthouse, police say

Canadian judge rules police entrapped in terror case

Countries Shower Praise on Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record

Scandals? What scandals?     Dave

Why didn’t the Democrats even mention the Clinton Foundation?

Post Editorial Board                The New York Post                 July 29, 2016

In all the Democratic convention speeches seeking to “humanize” Hillary Clinton, something went curiously missing: her work with the family charity. You’d think Hillary, Bill and Chelsea would want to use the national stage to tout how their family’s $2 billion foundation is “helping improve the lives of millions of people across the world,” as it boasts.

You’d think we would’ve heard from some of the beneficiaries of the “partnerships between businesses, NGOs, governments and individuals” finding “solutions that last.” But not a word that we can recall. No speeches, no videos, no personal testimonials — nothing.

The silence is hardly mystifying — for the Clinton Foundation carries heavy baggage. Starting with the FBI’s investigation into whether any “intersection” between the foundation and the work of Secretary of State Clinton violated anti-corruption laws.

Like her role in handing Russia exclusive mining rights to 20 percent of US uranium reserves via a company that donated millions to the foundation. (You thought Donald Trump was Vladimir Putin’s best friend?)

Or the tens of millions donated by the same Middle Eastern nations — Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait — that Hillary has publicly denounced for supporting terrorism (not to mention criminalizing gay sex).

And the Clintons certainly didn’t want to remind voters that the foundation had to amend four years of tax filings to finally come clean about $20 million in foreign donations it took during Hillary’s tenure


What the WikiLeaks Hack Exposes About Democrat Media Bias

Philip Wegmann           The Daily Signal            July 25, 2016

Leaked emails seem to suggest that the Democratic National Committee maintains cozy relationships with mainstream media outlets but takes a more caustic approach with publications it believes to be conservative. According to these emails, party officials stonewalled and blacklisted the Washington Examiner when editors approached the party in May to gather the names of delegates to the Democratic National Convention for publication in a souvenir edition of its magazine.

“I can send an alert to the state parties not to respond to this inquiry,” DNC Deputy Communications Director Eric Walker wrote in an email of May 10. “Examiner is a right wing rag.”

The episode came on the eve of Democrats’ convention this week in Philadelphia. The organization WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 hacked emails from seven party officials, revealing the inner workings of the national committee’s communications team.

Washington Examiner Editorial Director Hugo Gurdon told The Daily Signal, “It doesn’t surprise me; they’re a partisan organization explicitly working to elect Democrats. On the other hand, it does seem fairly close-minded—to the point of paranoia—that they’d assume the worst.”…

Reporter Fred Lucas, while on assignment with Fox News in May, didn’t receive a response when he approached the party committee for comment about claims Donald Trump made about President Bill Clinton’s having extra-marital affairs in the past. Instead, DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda emailed his team May 13to ask, “Is there a f*** you emoji?”

When Lucas followed up, asking again for a quote, Mark Paustenbach, the national committee’s press secretary, cracked another joke at the journalist’s expense.

“The asshole from Fox emailed us again,” Paustenbach wrote. “I did some research and there’s still no f*** you emoji, unfortunately.”…

While the DNC was ignoring Lucas and the Washington Examiner, leaked emails show Democrat officials worked to feed quotes and coordinate news coverage with several more liberal outlets.

A senior Politico reporter, Ken Vogel, sent an unflattering article about presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to DNC officials on April 30 for reviewbefore publication. “Per agreement … any thoughts appreciated,” Vogel wrote in the subject line.

After the emails were leaked, Vogel admitted that coordinating with the DNC on his May 2 article was “a mistake.”…


Guess who let their bias show?

Networks rated for picking favorites at political conventions

Bob Unruh               World Net Daily                 July 30, 2016

Networks over the last two weeks targeted one political party with 12 times as many negative portrayals as the other, according to a new report.

Need time to guess which?

The Media Research Center’s Rich Noyes, in a posting on Newsbusters, reports ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC portrayed the GOP negatively 63 times, while there were only five such references regarding the Democrats.

The report said MSNBC in prime time interviewed five Democrats at the RNC but no members of the GOP at the DNC, and CNN aired 62 minutes of official party videos during the DNC but only 14 minutes during the RNC.

Noyes reported: “By a 12-to-1 margin, journalists spent far more time deriding the Republican convention for its negativity, even as their reactions to Democratic speakers were consistently positive and often enthusiastic. Cable news had its own unique biases: MSNBC carved out time on each night of the GOP convention for interviews with top Democratic officials, but – despite promises to the contrary – aired no such interviews with Republicans during the Democratic convention. Meanwhile, CNN devoted more than an hour of airtime during the Democratic convention to airing 18 party-produced videos, but only included three such videos during the GOP convention.”…


DNC Attendees Loved Having A Big, Beautiful Wall To Protect Them

The DNC knows that walls work…

Walls helped them create their “safe space”…

…that separated them from the Bernie people…

…who were relegated to their “free speech zone” (article from DNC Convention 2004!)…

The plain truth is that the Dems are against border security…

…and they have the full support of the Mexican drug cartels…

…that transport everything from drugs, to illegal aliens, to jihadists…    Dave

Katie Leach and Benny Johnson            Independent Journal          July 29, 2016

The Democrats have been slamming Trump for a good portion of this election cycle for proposing the idea of a border wall.

However, attendees were the beneficiaries of their own big, beautiful walls this week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The only thing that stood between DNC delegates and the rowdy protesters frothing at the gates of their convention, lighting fires, hurling epithets and getting arrested, was a great big wall around the Wells Fargo Arena.

A mile away from the arena, where the DNC was held, the eight-foot-tall metal wall begins.

It stretches as far as the eye can see.


The wall is guarded and heavily patrolled.

These multilayered iron walls encircled the arena for good reason; to keep out people Democrats did not want in their convention.

These people were contained by the DNC’s big, beautiful walls.

And the armed officers who guard it…


Justice Department Knew of IRS Scandal 2 Years Before Congress but Did Nothing

Philip Wegmann                   The Daily Signal              July 28, 2016

Recently unearthed documents reveal that the FBI knew the IRS was unfairly targeting groups because of their conservative politics two years before Congress even heard about the agency’s misconduct. The revelation has already added fodder to the conservative case to impeach the current IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Almost 300 pages of documents released Thursday and obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the IRS subjected conservative groups to increased scrutiny beginning in 2011. Even though the FBI uncovered the scandal in 2011, the documents show, the Department of Justice chose not to act.

In interviews with FBI agents, IRS officials said that a Cincinnati branch of their agency targeted conservative groups. “Cincinnati was categorizing cases based on name and ideology, not just activity,” Nancy Marks, a senior official at the IRS, told the FBI. That was in the summer of 2011. The public wouldn’t learn of the scandal until May 2013.

The scandal first erupted at an American Bar Association event when IRS official Lois Lerner answered a planted question about the tax agency’s handling of applications for nonprofit status. She apologized for the inappropriate scrutiny some groups experienced, adding that the conduct “was incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate.”

The documents expose former IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller as the author who actually wrote Lerner’s response word for word.

After multiple congressional hearings, a vote to censure Lerner, and her eventual retirement, the Department of Justice announced the administration would not level criminal charges against the tax official.

“We found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt or other inappropriate motive,” the Justice Department wrote members of Congress in an October 2015 letter.

That the administration sat on the information for two years before deciding not to prosecute is “par for the course and, frankly, the stench is overwhelming” said Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan…


US dossier bares Pakistan’s role in Pathankot terror attack

Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism…

Why is it an “ally” of the United States???    Dave

Neeraj Chauhan           The Times of India              Jul 30, 2016

NEW DELHI: In a boost to India’s probe against Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Muhammed handlers in the attack on the Pathankot IAF base, the US has handed over evidence , comprising over 1,000 pages of chats and conversations between handler Kashif Jaan and the four fidayeen who were eventually killed, to the NIA.

The conversations, as in the case of the Lashkar bosses who scripted the carnage in Mumbai in 2008 from a safe house in Karachi, make it clear that the terror strike on Pathankot was micro-managed from Pakistan.
The four fidayeen of JeM, identified as Nasir Hussain from Punjab, Abu Bakar from Gujranwala and Umar Farooq and Abdul Qayum from Sindh, were in regular touch with their handlers in Pakistan during the 80-hour attack.
Sources told TOI that the documents also include Kashif Jaan’s conversations with other Pakistan-based JeM office-bearers apart from other exchanges over a period of time. NIA officials+ are analysing the documents.
The investigations reveal that apart from chats on WhatsApp and other platforms, Jaan was using a Facebook account connected to the same mobile number which the attackers called from Pathankot after abducting Punjab police SP Salwinder Singh.

The terrorists had also called another number in Pakistan connected to a Facebook account of ‘Mulla Daadullah’. These accounts, operated by Jaan, were accessed before and around the time of the attack using IP addresses of telecom firms based in Pakistan (Telenor and Pakistan TeleCommunications Company Ltd, Islamabad).

These Facebook pages also contained jihadi material and videos and comments condemning arrest of Jaish cadres in Pakistan by authorities there. The terrorists had also called numbers connected to Al-Rahmat Trust – JeM’s financial arm – for which technical details were sought from the US…


South African twin brothers plotted violence, court hears

Published July 29, 2016                Associated Press

JOHANNESBURG –  One of the South African twin brothers charged with plotting to blow up the U.S. embassy in Pretoria, allegedly asked the Islamic State group to send money and provide training for them to carry out a suicide bombing campaign in the country.

The allegation is contained in an affidavit presented at the Johannesburg magistrate’s court on Friday to show that prosecutors had enough evidence to arrest Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie for planning terror attacks in South Africa.

The prosecution also presented documents including photographs of the twins wearing suicide vests, according to reports in South African media.

The twin brothers are among four people arrested earlier in July for plotting to attack several targets including the U.S. embassy in Pretoria and Jewish institutions…


Somali Americans divided as FBI informant testifies against friends

Abdirahman Bashir once pledged allegiance to Isis, but now faces his alleged co-conspirators in a Minneapolis court

Oliver Laughland                The Guardian (UK)                 Tuesday 14 June 2016

Abdirahman Bashir sat alone on the stand and began to cry. His head slumped in his hands, his eyes darting between the floor and the ceiling, he avoided the gaze of the three defendants in court. Young men he had allegedly planned to die with. Men whom he ultimately betrayed.

Bashir, a 20-year-old Somali American, had once pledged allegiance to the Islamic State militant group after consuming hours of violent propaganda videos. He listened to lectures delivered by radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and saw his four cousins depart for the frontlines in Syria. He had planned to follow.

But in December 2014, as the net began to close around him and his alleged co-conspirators, after a reported first attempt to leave the United States failed and news arrived of his cousins’ death following an airstrike, Bashir was looking for a way out.

He agreed to become an informant for the FBI. Bashir spent the following months recording his friends with a hidden microphone as they plotted to leave Minneapolis for Syria. He taped them at their homes, inside mosques, at shopping malls and during car rides, as they articulated their radicalized views and plans to exit the US.

The recordings form the backbone of the prosecution’s case against 10 indicted Somali Americans from Minneapolis, who formed an alleged Isis cell in the city. These men, all in their early 20s, are facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder outside of the US and providing material support for a terrorist organization. Bashir’s evidence, delivered over five days in court, provides a detailed window into the ways these young men were radicalized and how the terrorist group is attempting to recruit fighters from the west.

His appearance in court has also sharply divided the large, overwhelmingly impoverished Somali diaspora in Minneapolis, which is still reeling from a swathe of young men who left the city between 2007 and 2011 to join the terrorist group al-Shabaab and fight in Somalia. Some accuse Bashir and the FBI of entrapment, saying the tactics have further intensified the mistrust between some members of the community and law enforcement…


Minneapolis Somali ‘youths’ invade suburban neighborhood, threaten homeowners

Ann Corcoran                Refugee Resettlement Watch                July 5, 2016

I first read a story about this a couple of days ago and wondered if the scary incident involved Somalis, but the word ‘Somali’ was absent in the written account and it wasn’t until a reader, Dede, directed people to watch the video that we learned our first instincts were correct.

I’m telling you, the lengths to which the media goes to hide the truth when it involves refugees of a certain ‘religious’ persuasion is stunning.  Why on earth leave the key piece of information people need out of the written news report!

Here is the story (do you see the word “Somali” in the text?). Now watch the video (this is a screen shot in case they remove this from the video).

I guess we should be grateful that at least the broadcast version of the story used the ‘S’ word!

This should be on the national news! Just envision this happening in your neighborhood!

How are Americans ever going to be prepared and proactive if we don’t even know what is happening in the next city, let alone the next state!  You know, I tell people in Maryland what is happening in Minnesota and they don’t believe me because they haven’t seen it on Fox News!  Ahhhhhh!

This is exactly what Phyliss Schlafly has pointed out here:  the second generation Muslim migrant to America isn’t assimilating!…


Don’t miss more on the Somali roving gang in Minneapolis suburb; Governor says love it or leave it

Ann Corcoran              Refugee Resettlement Watch              July 6, 2016

Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily has a few more details and as is his usual practice he goes into more detailed information reported in the past on refugees in Minnesota.  This is important because every day new people become aware of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program and it is critical to bring those new readers up to speed.

One thing Hohmann reminded us of was the past statements by Minnesota’s governor who is ‘all-in’ for more refugees to be seeded into the state primarily because the refugees are needed for the meat packers and other industries looking to keep their labor costs low. They say they can’t find enough Americans to do the work—how about paying a higher wage!

But, why should they when the US State Department and groups like Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities bring them all the low-skilled (cheap) refugee labor they need. Those laborers are then given gobs of welfare to supplement their meager wages—-great business model isn’t it! You supplement their wages!

Here is Hohmann reminding us of Governor Dayton’s smack-down of concerned citizens last fall: You don’t want more Somalis in Minnesota then find another state!

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, has let it be known his commitment to the multicultural model, the same model followed by the European Union which is now breaking apart, is unwavering.

Last October, Dayton told those attending a town-hall meeting in St. Cloud that those Minnesotans not comfortable with the arrival of Syrian refugees and the state’s expanding Somali population “should find a new state” because Minnesota’s economy “cannot expand based on white, B+, native-born citizens. We don’t have enough.”…


Ten things your town needs to know as it is targeted for refugee resettlement

Ann Corcoran               Refugee Resettlement Watch                June 7, 2016

As we have been writing ad nauseam lately, the Obama Administration is now out of the shadows with its plan to “seed” towns and cities across America with diversity.

‘Seed’ is their word!  Your community is the soil into which the migrants of all sorts (legal and illegal) are being planted according to Obama’s Task Force on New Americans.   It begs the questions:  Are we being colonized?  Do they plan to replace us some day?  Sound far-fetched?  Knowing Obama, are you willing to gamble on that?

We have long maintained a ‘fact sheet’ about how the UN/US State Department’s Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Program works, click here to learn more…

So here are my Ten Things you need to know!

1)    In most cases, the United Nations is choosing our refugees…

2)    Often the US State Department’s chosen resettlement contractor for your town, sounds like a church group, or other benign-sounding non-profit.  They may have a religious-sounding name, but know that they are being paid by the head from the federal treasury to bring refugees to your town…

3)    The contractor’s job is to get the refugee family their “services.”  That means they hold the refugees’ hands until they are settled usually in tax-payer subsidized housing, get them signed up for most forms of welfare including food stamps and other cash assistance, sign them up for health care and enroll the kids in school. This special class of legal immigrant is entitled to welfare!…

4)    The contractor’s job ends in 3-6 months at which point they move on to bringing in the next fresh group of “clients,” often the relatives of the first group…

5)    Your town will never get out of the program once the contractor has an office set up and staff to pay

6)    The greatest impact on your local social and economic welfare will be felt first in the school system, followed usually by the shortage of government subsidized housing…

7)    Refugees are permitted entry into the US with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis among other medical problems…

8)    Your local government is responsible (Clinton-era Executive Order) for providing costly interpreters for the myriad languages being spoken in the school system, the health system and the criminal justice system should problems arise.

9)    Refugees who do find work, work at entry level jobs and minimum wage so they will still be able to benefit from many welfare programs open to low-income Americans…

10)   If they say they are coming to your town with the first group of refugees, there is only one thing you can do!  ASK QUESTIONS IN PUBLIC…


Obama spending millions to find summer jobs — for refugees

That is your money – or your children’s – that Obama is spending…    Dave

Victor Skinner                  The American Mirror                May 17, 2016

The Obama administration wants to make sure Utica, New York’s young refugees aren’t without a job, so he’s spending millions to make sure it doesn’t happen.

“Access to a job in the summer and beyond can make all the difference to a young person – especially those who don’t have access to many resources and opportunities,” President Obama said of his new Summer Opportunity Project.

The project spends a total of $21 million on a variety of programs in 11 communities nationwide with the focus of helping young people find summer work, and permanent part-time jobs, the White House and U.S. Department of Labor announced Monday. At least $2 million of the total will be set aside to help 400 refugee students in Utica, New York get to work through the New Americans Career Pathways Project, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reports.

“The New Americans Career Pathways project will provide in-school youth with summer jobs and academic support for 400 students in the refugee populations of Utica, NY,” according to a White House Fact Sheet. “The students will receive summer job work experience and academic tutoring in English and Math, and support in finding part-time jobs.”

The multi-million refugee employment program is, however, only one among many that will receive a helping hand from the government over the summer…


Shocking Report Reveals Feds Spend $20K Per Refugee

Fox News Insider                  June 11, 2016

A new report reveals that taxpayers are on the hook for almost $20,000 for each refugee and asylum seeker who comes to the U.S. The eye-opening study from Negative Population Growth showed that number – which doesn’t even include welfare, medical assistance, food stamps, and housing – will jump even higher if President Obama gets his way and brings an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in later this year.

On “Fox and Friends Weekend,” former Navy SEAL and Virginia congressional candidate Scott Taylor said that federal oversight is extremely important. He explained that if states and government agencies are financially incentivized to accept more refugees, it blurs the line between humanitarian aid and financial gain.

Pete Hegseth pointed out that a large number of refugees receive further federal support, including food stamps, Medicaid and housing assistance, which could also incentivize refugees to flee to the U.S. as opposed to other destinations.

“I think these numbers will surprise a lot of Americans,” Hegseth said. “A lot think, ‘Hey, the benefit is being able to come to the land of opportunity, like America.’ But most people don’t realize there’s a lot of money that comes along with it.”

Taylor noted that average Americans and legal immigrants don’t get the same “federal safety net” as these asylum seekers. He pointed out that the cost of resettling refugees from the war-torn Middle East would be exponentially cheaper if they were relocated near their home countries, as opposed to being brought to the U.S.

“I think we should create a safe zone there, [so] when there is a military and political solution, after this crisis, they can then return home,” Taylor said…

The video…

Census: Illegal immigration up 57% to 550,000, one new Albuquerque A YEAR

Paul Bedard                6/1/16              Washington Examiner

Illegal immigration has exploded 57 percent in less than two years, with at least 550,000 new undocumented aliens pouring into America in a trend that is set to continue growing, according to new Census data.

In an analysis of the numbers, the Center for Immigration Studies found illegal and legal immigration have reached over 1.5 million a year, a new 15 year high, and a 39 percent increase over 2013.

“You’re looking at a big jump,” said author Steven A. Camarota in an interview with Secrets…


U.S. to rally business for refugees, Obama aims to double global resettlement

It is not that Obama is tone deaf…

He just doesn’t give a damn about what we think, that’s all…    Dave

Michelle Nichols                 Reuters                June 29, 2016

The White House will on Thursday rally businesses to give jobs to refugees ahead of a September summit where U.S. President Barack Obama will urge world leaders to boost humanitarian funds by a third and double the number of refugees being resettled.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said on Wednesday that the Obama summit during the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations would also aim to get one million refugee children in school and one million more refugees access to legal work in the neighboring countries they fled to.

“The summit is by no means a panacea; even if we hit every target, our response will still not match the scale of the crisis,” Power told the United States Institute of Peace, adding that it would boost the number of countries trying to help. “We need businesses, big and small, to do more too; which is why tomorrow, the White House is launching a private sector call to action, which will rally companies to do their part, from providing jobs to donating services to refugees,”…

The United Nations refugee agency said last week that a record 65.3 million people were uprooted worldwide last year, many of them fleeing wars only to face walls, tougher laws and xenophobia as they reach borders.

Power said the United Nations estimates that some 1.2 million refugees globally need to be resettled elsewhere because they are unsafe or their needs are not being met, but that in 2015 only 107,000 people relocated. “Even as the crisis continues to grow – many countries are making no effort at all to do their fair share… While we often overstate the security threats and economic costs of resettling more refugees, we routinely understate the likely consequences of failing to muster the global response that is needed,” Power said…


Supreme Court refuses to rescue Obama’s amnesty

9-word decision leaves 5th Circuit’s order halting plan intact

Obama stays as unchastened and unrepentant as ever…   Dave

Bob Unruh             World Net Daily             June 23, 2016

In a nine-word ruling Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to rescue Barack Obama’s mass amnesty program, which would have given residency and other rights to millions of illegal aliens now in the United States. A divided court, 4-4, declared: “The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided court.”

The tie vote effectively upheld a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in favor of the states in a lawsuit against Obama’s plan, which he directed through a series of orders from his administrative agencies.

Texas and 25 other states sued to halt the plan from taking effect, and a federal district judge in Texas ruled the White House could not implement its program.

In February 2015, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen granted a temporary injunction halting Obama’s unilateral action to allow as many as 5 million illegal aliens stay in the U.S. The administration acted apart from Congress, even though Obama had acknowledged he is “not king” and “can’t do these things just by myself.”

Obama said Thursday he was disappointed the court was “unable to reach a decision” and said he looked forward to the confirmation of a ninth justice “to break the tie” in the case. He blasted Republicans for refusing to consider his Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, saying they have refused to do their “most basic of jobs” under the Constitution, which actually gives Congress latitude regarding the confirmation process.

Obama said that in the meantime, the tie-vote Thursday will have little impact, arguing his current policies don’t target illegals for deportation unless have a criminal record


The Politics Of A Pause

Gary Bauer             American Values               June 15, 2016

I don’t have a formal poll, but I believe it is a safe guess to suggest that the vast majority of the governing class in Washington believes that a temporary ban on immigration from Muslim countries is beyond the pale or an affront to our values, as some have put it. From Barack Obama to Paul Ryan, it seems there is broad bipartisan agreement on that issue.

Now, among another group of people who apparently don’t matter much — you or likely voters — 50% agree with such a pause.

According to a Reuters poll, likely voters support a pause in immigration from Muslim nations by a margin of 50% to 42%. The vast majority of interviews for this poll were conducted before the Orlando attack, so I can only assume that the numbers have gone up since then…


Missoula on verge of opening refugee office

For some strange reason, nearly all of the refugees are Muslim…   Dave

Kim Briggeman            The Missoulian (MN)                 Updated Jun 17, 2016

…Bob Johnson, a senior adviser for the IRC’s Seattle office, returned to Missoula this week to make preparations for the reopening of a refugee resettlement office. He said the agency for whom he’s worked 40 years instructed its people to abstain from commenting publicly in the wake of the Florida shootings.

Announcement of the Missoula office’s executive director is still a couple of weeks away, and it now looks like it’ll be August before the first refugees arrive in town. In March the IRC contracted with the U.S. State Department to resettle up to 100 refugees in Missoula in the first year, a figure that can be adjusted up or down in subsequent years. The State Department approved a staff of 2 1/2 in Missoula – the executive director, a caseworker and a half-time finance manager. The latter two jobs are still being advertised.

The IRC says it will give from two weeks to two months’ notice of where the first refugees will come from, said Mary Poole of Soft Landing Missoula, the volunteer organization that successfully made the case to the IRC to open the Missoula office.

“At this point there’s just no way to say who, no way to say when, no way to say where,” Poole said.

What is clear is there’s a better chance than first thought that some of the refugees will come from Syria. The U.S. has been slow to meet President Barack Obama’s pledge to resettle 10,000 displaced Syrians this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. National Public Radio reported this week that so far that number is just 2,800, but a White House National Security spokesman said the U.S. remains committed to the president’s plan.

An IRC official in April told a reception hosted by Soft Landing that because Missoula has no established nationality base of refugees, it’s likely that its first families will come from a population that has no family ties in the U.S. According to the Missoula Independent, those could be Syrian families of four to 10 members; Afghans; families and single-woman households from the Republic of Congo; or Rohingyas, an ethnic Muslim minority from Myanmar (Burma)


To The Citizens of Radford, Virginia

Jeff Bayard                 Virginia Free Citizen            June 29, 2016

Over the past few weeks, two important meetings were held in Radford. The subject of both was to introduce Radford to the refugee resettlement program under the auspices of Commonwealth Catholic Charities, a sub-contractor for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The USCCB is a federal contractor in the business of resettling refugees in your community.  Both meetings were conducted in local churches and sought volunteers to help with the resettlement activities.

Let’s start with some facts: who are these people, what are they doing here and why Radford?

USCCB is a federal contractor in the business – and yes, it is a business – of resettling refugees under the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and the Virginia Office of Newcomer Services. Much of their funding comes from federal grant money allocated to Virginia and passed through the Virginia ONS.  Voluntary Agencies (VOLAGs) such as the USCCB are paid by the head.  In other words, the more refugees they resettle, the more money they receive.  Given this business model, there is no incentive for any VOLAG to stop resettling refugees in your community.  Once it starts, it will not stop until either your community can’t shoulder any more or you stop it.

Yes, they are talking about only bringing in two families.  But this is how it always starts.  Look to your neighbors in the north in Roanoke to understand what awaits you.  Roanoke has accepted close to 2,000 refugees over more than ten years from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Pakistan, Republic of South Sudan, Russia, Rwanda, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam.

And that number – 2,000 – is only the direct and initial refugee resettlement.  It does not include secondary migration (when a refugee moves from one state and town to another within the US) or follow to join (family reunification)…


Muslim attack on flag-waving American family remains mystery

FBI ‘looking into’ possible hate crime but fails to even contact victims

Leo Hohmann                  World Net Daily                June 14, 2016

It’s been two weeks since an Atlanta-area mother and her daughter were attacked at their home by a burqa-clad Muslim woman who stole the American flag from their front yard and charged at them, swinging the flagpole at the mother’s head. The family says their lives have been turned upside down by the attack, and they don’t go anywhere now unless armed. Two weeks later, they say they’re still waiting for answers from their local police chief and the FBI.

Who attacked them and why?

Dami Arno and her husband, Jimmy of Lawrenceville, Georgia, told WND they are now wondering whether justice will ever be served. And they want to know why Dami’s attacker – a woman believed to be an immigrant from Somalia – is not being charged with a hate crime. They also want to know why their attacker’s immigration status is being guarded like a state secret while they, the victims, are being ignored by authorities.

Dami and Jimmy Arno said the Lawrenceville police officer who responded to the May 31 incident told them he could not remove the assailant’s burqa “because that would violate her civil rights.”

It seems, the Arnos told WND, that the immigrant has more “rights” than they do as Americans who were the victim of an attack for no other reason than that the Muslim woman apparently didn’t like the large American flag flying from their mailbox.

All that is known about the female attacker is her name, and even that has changed over the course of the last two weeks.

Amina Ali Ahra, 30, emerged from the woods behind the Arnos’ home on the morning after Memorial Day as Dami Arno and her daughter were drinking coffee and chatting in their garage. The woman, standing about 6-foot-3 and dressed in a burqa, came out of the woods with only her eyes showing from behind the veil.

Ahra snatched the family’s flag off of their mailbox and used the pole as if it were a police night stick. She swung the four-foot pole made of PVC pipe wildly toward Dami’s head but missed.

“She came charging at me swinging it back and forth, actually coming toward my head with the flagpole, and I grabbed the pole and yanked it and was able to get control of her. And my daughter said I had her in a headlock,” said Dami Arno, a 42-year-old stay-at-home mother of two. “I could not believe what was happening, but at some point my mother instincts kicked in. My husband is a mechanic, and I work right beside him doing pretty much everything he does, and that’s made me very, very strong,” she added. “I thank God every day now that my husband has taught me and my kids to defend ourselves.”…


York Police chief “shocked” at decision to give ISIS teen parole

York Police chief “shocked” at decision to give ISIS teen parole

Bill Melugin                WJZY (Charlotte, SC Fox affiliate)              May 05 2016

YORK CO., SC – Calling it a “terrible” decision, York Police Chief Andy Robinson told FOX 46 News on Wednesday he was shocked and frustrated that the South Carolina Juvenile Parole Board decided to grant parole to a local teenager who had plotted to join ISIS and kill American soldiers.

“Honestly, I was shocked, I thought there was no way I was hearing what I was hearing,” Robinson said. “I just can’t see how he’s being released back into society at this time.”

As FOX 46 has reported, York police began an investigation into an unnamed boy of Syrian descent, now 17 years old, for having illegally having possession of a gun in February 2015.

During the course of the investigation, authorities found an ISIS flag in the boy’s room, ISIS material on his computer, and he admitted to wanting to travel to Syria, wage jihad, and join ISIS. The boy later told police he planned to meet with a radical Muslim in Raleigh, rob a gun store, drive to a military base in North Carolina, and kill American soldiers.

“The plot was very elaborate, he was very detailed, he was very forthcoming, he didn’t mind telling us that he planned to kill soldiers or police officers or whoever got in his way,” Robinson said.

But because South Carolina has no laws on the books related to juveniles and terrorism, and the FBI investigated but never pressed charges, the boy was only able to be hit with a stage gun charge, and was sentenced to serve the maximum of five years in juvenile prison. He ended up serving one


Man with Quran made threats before arrest at Denton County courthouse, police say

Naheed Rajwani                 The Dallas Morning News          15 June 2016

A 28-year-old man was arrested at the Denton County courthouse Wednesday, after police say he threatened people and forced them to take copies of the Quran, police say.

Denton police had contact with Peshwaz Azad Waise four times between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, witnesses told police that Waise was “speaking irrationally and making comments about God and Allah,” Denton police said in a news release. He wasn’t arrested at the time because he had not broken any laws. Later that night, Waise was trying to hand out Qurans at an IHOP near the University of North Texas. He was cited for trespassing and told to leave the area.

About 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, police say, he approached a woman in the parking lot of the Center for Women at 207 N. Bonnie Brae St. and offered her a Quran. She reported feeling uncomfortable during the interaction.

Inside the center, he handed an employee a copy and told her to give it to the hospital chaplain.

“Waise advised that if Isabella did not accept the Quran and pass it on she would die,” his arrest warrant affidavit states. “Waise also advised that the hospital would, ‘go down.'”

He told the employee that he was a king, and made statements about Islam, the affidavit states.

Police said Waise then drove to the Denton County courthouse about three miles away. He told a sheriff’s deputy he wanted to give copies of the Quran to the judges at the courthouse, police said. As sheriff’s deputies tried to detain him, he claimed he was “imposing the death penalty” on them, police said…


Canadian judge rules police entrapped in terror case

More politically correct madness from Canada…

That judge had better hope she doesn’t end up with blood on her hands…   Dave

Published July 29, 2016             Associated Press

VANCOUVER, British Columbia –  A Canadian couple found guilty of terror charges will walk free after a judge ruled they were entrapped by the country’s national police force in a police-manufactured crime.

Justice Catherine Bruce of the British Columbia Supreme Court said Friday police instigated and skillfully engineered the acts committed by John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, who believed they were planting pressure-cooker bombs that would blow up at the provincial legislature on Canada Day in 2013.

Bruce says the world has enough terrorists and police do not need to create more out of marginalized people. She says the undercover officer was the ringleader and that without police it would have been impossible to carry out the pressure-cooker plan.

A jury found Nuttall and Korody guilty last year of three terrorism-related charges


Countries Shower Praise on Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record

See how completely the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has coopted the U.N…   Dave

The Clarion Project                   July 28, 2016

UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer took the floor at the UNHRC to expose its review of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record as tainted by false praise from Riyadh’s fellow regimes. “The truth is that there are zero women’s rights, zero religious rights, zero minority rights, zero human rights, in Saudi Arabia,” said Neuer.

The video…



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