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T Minus 3 Hours until Speaker Ryan’s Millennial Town Hall

Posted: April 27, 2016 at 7:36 am   /   by
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This afternoon, Speaker Ryan is holding a town hall with millennials at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. Why? Because in a day and age when young people want to take control of what their lives looks like, conservatism just makes sense. To preview his address, Speaker Ryan joined CNN’s New Day earlier today:

“My message to millennials, to young people—I think conservativism is a philosophy and a way of life that they need to take a really good look at. Because I think it offers the most promise for them in their lives. Young people are used to customizing things in their life—you know, with apps, and iPhones, and all the rest. Why would you want to support a government philosophy that takes away your choices, like your health care, your doctor, your education financing, and all the rest?

“So what we don’t want to have is a top-down philosophy where we have elites ruling us and government bureaucracies, which is really what progressives are pushing. We want an organic, bottom-up, open economy. We want clear and consistent government that is transparent where people in our communities are solving our problems, and where we’re not asking others to rule us—which is what is happening these days with progressivism and this fourth branch of government. So I think young people get it. They want to be a part of their society. They want to make decisions. They want to run the economy. They want to start businesses. They want to find opportunity. And conservatism—as we know it, as we live it—is the best promise for opportunity that we have. And I want to acquaint young people with that.”

And what happens once conservatism is given the chance? Well, for starters, we’ll start to see real solutions to real everyday problems. That’s why House Republicans are working on an agenda to present to the American people that will restore a #ConfidentAmerica. Here’s how Speaker Ryan explained the five key points of that agenda on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning:

“Economic growth. Patient-centered health care. Moving people from welfare to work and fighting poverty. Fixing our national security. And restoring the Constitution and self-government—making government more accountable.”

As Speaker Ryan continued, these areas “unify all conservatives.” That’s the end goal we want—now, let’s work on winning young folks to conservatism so we can reach that goal together.

Speaker Ryan’s town hall kicks off this afternoon at 1:45 p.m. ET—be sure to tune in on and follow the conversation using #RyanAtGU.  

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T Minus 3 Hours until Speaker Ryan's Millennial Town Hall