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You are 600 Times More Likely to Die from Obamacare than from Guns

Posted: January 16, 2016 at 7:00 am   /   by

For Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, it should be obvious that now is the time we need more Gun Control.

The president and Hillary Rodham want to make the nation safer.

For You. For your children.

By taking away your means to exercise your rights to self defense.

And to defend your children.


Charles Blow in the New York Times last year made the very common argument: “America has the highest gun homicide rate, the highest number of guns per capita . . . .”  In another story, the New York Times quotes researcher David Hemenway as claiming: “Generally, if you live in a civilized society, more guns mean more death.”  CNN’s Piers Morgan believes: “America has the worst incidents of gun murders of any of what they call the civilized world.”  Bloomberg’s Businessweek also made similar claims this spring.  The one common feature for these claims is that they rely on the Small Arms Survey.

So how do homicide rates compare across countries? (Click on figures to make them larger.  It is necessary to greatly enlarge the picture to read the names of individual countries. UNODC data.  Here it is as an Excel file.)

Meanwhile the FBI reports and ALL available statistics prove that with more guns in the hands of citizens the nation is becoming safer!

Image Source –

FBI violent-crime rates show safer nation with more gun owners


Neither the president nor the presidential candidate disclosed to the nation that knife violence in China and mass murders by knife exceed mass killings in the United States by guns. Or as Obama regularly told the nation that “these kind of crimes do not exist in other nations,” he failed to say that just in one night in France where guns are wholly unavailable, more innocents were butchered in 2015 by Muslims than through Obama’s entire seven year presidency in the USA.

Emoting like a little girl, crocodile-teared Obama broke down on live TV over 12 people having been murdered by a lunatic somewhere in the nation.

There’s no one reading this who does not share his sentiments with one difference. Our tears are real.

Incidentally, the president never broke down over that “other” incident that night in Benghazi that he and the female presidential candidate deliberately covered up to insure the president’s re-election.

Neither politician were outed then as the chronic liars both happen to be. The two fabulists didn’t wipe tears away when the flag-draped coffins of our heroes rolled down the aircraft’s ramp that brought their muitilated bodies home. Instead, between each others’ high-fives behind closed doors and other communications now documented, they knew well what caused the carnage. It was not a video. It was their lying and negligence.

And then right at the aforementioned ceremony both cynically went ahead and told the parents and relatives of the murdered Americans that their deaths were caused by a Californian’s anti-Muslim video.

The Ben Rhodes memo revealing the duplicity of this administration on the subject of Benghazi reminds us about the character of those involved. That President Obama could lie so evenly and so passionately (remember the second presidential debate?) is perhaps not surprising at this stage. But let’s not forget what it took for Mrs. Clinton to lie to the grieving father of an American hero.

Which brings us to the crocodile tears.

The two, the president and the candidate, insist that NOW is the time we need more gun control desperately – enough so that Hillary made guns the center of her campaign, just as the corpses from her Benghazi episode were cooling down. NOW is the time we need more gun control when the nation’s homicide rate has steadily made consecutive new lows and dropped to one third its former number. We need new restrictions just as gun purchases are hitting consecutive new record highs?

CHART: You can find the United States in RED right above the number 192! Our firearms deaths in fact, once we remove the gang violence from Obama’s home town and the like-kind, Baltimore and Ferguson, fires which the president and his AG stoked, happen to be he lowest in the Western World. Other nations don’t have violence like ours? They’re that low with 300 million firearms in private hands.

Come again Mr. President?

The bottom line is that Obamacare, which is actually Hillarycare, is 600 times more likely to kill you and your loved ones than the dangerous guns Obama and Hillary have in their imaginations. Or the ones Hillary had to fend off all by herself in Sarajevo.

2011 Death Statistics

496 by HAMMER

650 by KNIFE

12,000 from DRUNK DRIVING


323 by RIFLE — a fraction of those by ASSAULT WEAPONS

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The Futility, Incoherence, Dishonesty and Stupidity of Gun Control

Image Source: Виталий Смолыгин
License: Public Domain

Andrew Benjamin

Andrew G. Benjamin is an equities trader; assessment, tax, and real estate specialist; former transition member of the NYC Mayor’s Economic Development Commission; member of the Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget for the Rudy Giuliani transition team; musician; and author on matters of politics, middle east, intelligence matters, history, culture, humor, and technology. Andrew wrote for The Absolute Sound Magazine, the bible of high end audio, and others like-kind.

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You are 600 Times More Likely to Die from Obamacare than from Guns