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Media Continues to Ignore Lives Saved by Guns in Wake of Newtown

Posted: January 7, 2014 at 10:30 am   /   by

By Alan Korwin

The lamestream media told you . . .

By Dan Nowicki, The Republic

One year after the slaughter in Newtown, Conn., gun-control advocates are frustrated by Congress’ failure to strengthen background checks or pass any meaningful firearms reforms. But they remain determined to keep the issue at the forefront of U.S. politics during the 2014 midterm elections and beyond…

This report mirrored virtually every lamestream report in America.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that . . .

One year after the slaughter in Newtown, Conn., the lamestream media continues to ignore any stories that demonstrate the life-saving and crime-stopping power of an armed public, preferring instead to focus entirely on laws that would ban or restrict the rights of innocent Americans, for reasons that were unclear at press time. Civil-rights advocates attribute the wildly out-of-balance reporting to overt bias and bigotry, which the media denies, despite the evidence. Recaps of the year-old story, known disparagingly in the trade as “yesterday’s news” continue to make the front page.

This report goes to every major news outlet in America. Care to comment?

According to all the published research, by pro- and anti-rights groups, firearms in the hands of the public have prevented thousands of crimes and saved hundreds of lives since Sandy Hook, even using the most conservative studies, but virtually none of this has appeared in the news. None of the incidents have been reported in major U.S. news outlets, though smaller ones produce a constant flow of such stories, off the national radar, fact that is well documented.

“The truth is that our society is populated by an unknown number of genuine monsters,” Mr. Wayne LaPierre said, in the NRA’s first reaction to the Sandy Hook killings. Only the BBC brought this up in a story before the Newtown anniversary. They continued, “People that are so deranged, so evil, so possessed by voices and driven by demons, that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend them.” (BBC)

Why our own media would suppress anything about this is a national disgrace, as admittedly left-wing zealots populating newsrooms nationwide continue their efforts to bend American culture to their twisted view of a perfect society.

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Media Continues to Ignore Lives Saved by Guns in Wake of Newtown