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Global Warming Propaganda & Global Warming Fact

Posted: December 16, 2013 at 12:05 pm   /   by

By Andrew G. Benjamin

PROPAGANDA: Global Warming Caused the Rise in Hurricane Activity.

FACT: 2013 happened to be  the slowest and weakest hurricane season in three decades.


PROPAGANDA: The increase and severity of storm activity over the planet is caused by ocean surface temperature rise, a result of Global Warming.

FACT: Through the last century and a half, beginning after the rise of the industrial revolution with its steadily increasing CO2 and pollution levels, hurricanes occurred with decreasing frequency and decreasing intensity.


PROPAGANDA: The earth was born a rotating ball of liquid wherein its steady climate of moderate temperatures of a Petri Dish medium various forms of life evolved.

FACT. Less than two billion years ago the Earth, a solid ball of ice otherwise known as our planet, was rotating around the sun, which happened to be a massive, nuclear heat source.

Then Global Warming began.


PROPAGANDA: The American Indian lived across the plains and valleys of the American continent, hunted and fished for over ten thousand years.

FACT. Ten thousand years ago there was an ice sheet covering the New York metropolitan region and most of the upper North American continent a mile high.

Then global warming began.


FACT. Since the ice sheets had melted, sea levels rose 400 feet. Before that, when the planet froze, water levels dropped 400 feet. Since the industrial revolution began, sea levels rose a few inches. During the last 100 years of recorded time water levels rose 0.157 inches, less than one sixth of an inch, but it is receding during the last decade.


FACT. Not a single one of the “theories” and “models” proposed by the IPCC’s global warming proponents and Cap&Trade tax fans to transfer America’s wealth to the Third World had panned out. Moreover, reluctantly, the IPCC had to revise their estimates in light of the now documented fact that the globe has been experiencing a cooling trend for almost two decades.


FACT: CO2 levels rose dramatically before man stepped on earth. Recently and far less dramatically after the industrial revolution, and specifically during the last two decades, heat has fallen or stabilized and CO2 levels had continued to rise. The latest from NASA suggest we may be entering a new ICE AGE. But as our former Secretary of State had exclaimed on another issue of unimport:

What Difference Does It Make?



Andrew Benjamin

Andrew G. Benjamin is an equities trader; assessment, tax, and real estate specialist; former transition member of the NYC Mayor’s Economic Development Commission; member of the Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget for the Rudy Giuliani transition team; musician; and author on matters of politics, middle east, intelligence matters, history, culture, humor, and technology. Andrew wrote for The Absolute Sound Magazine, the bible of high end audio, and others like-kind.

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Global Warming Propaganda & Global Warming Fact