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Our Veterans Are Dying Due to the Inept VA

Posted: November 24, 2013 at 12:45 pm   /   by
Millions Have Their Health Insurance Canceled, and the Little Boy in the White House is Singing Away with ‘Swag’
This is absolutely unbelievable!!!  Our Troops suffer enormous loss of life and limbs as they continue to try and win on a battlefield that gives every advantage to the enemy, our Veterans are literally dying due to the absolute and utter ineptness at the VA, millions of Americans health insurance is being canceled, and this nitwit in the White House and his clueless wife think with all this suffering and misery going on, Michelle should let us know Obama is singing in the bathroom and he’s got swag!
I have never been so disgusted in my life.  I thought there would never be any crooks in the White House comparable to, and as dangerous as, the Clintons!  I was so wrong, Barry and his bunch make the Clintons look like the Keystone Cops.
Kerry and Obama are down on their quivering knees apologizing and appeasing the terrorists and making deals that are damn shameful.  The terrorists who killed 4 American Sons in Benghazi are still running around, and now we are going to pour more money into the hell hole in Afghanistan and hope the terrorists will be nice to us as we build more roads that they’ll blow up !!!
And our Veterans continue to suffer under the utter ineptness of the VA.  Really, if folks want to know what Obamacare will be like, take a good look at the VA!
“In July 2011, a hospital physician sent a warning to administrators that the backlog for Dorn patients’ gastrointestinal appointments had reached 2,500, and patients were waiting eight months — until February 2012 — for appointments.
 By December 2011, the documents show, the backlog at Dorn had grown to 3,800 patients, according to another warning e-mail from a physician.
Little was done to effectively resolve the problems, according to expert sources and documents.
In September 2013, the VA’s inspector general affirmed details of the delays at Dorn in stark language, stating that 700 of the delays for appointments or care were “critical.”
Perhaps most troubling of all is that the problem at the Dorn facility had been identified, and taxpayer money was given to fix the problem in September 2011.
“We appropriated a million dollars (to Dorn) because VA asked for it,” said Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Florida, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.
“The documents obtained by CNN show that only a third of that $1 million from Congress was used for its intended purpose at Dorn: to pay for care for veterans on a waiting list.
The VA “will say, ‘we redirected those dollars to go somewhere it was needed,’ ” Miller said. “Where would it be more needed than to prevent the deaths of veterans?”
At the same time, the documents show, the waiting list at Dorn kept growing to 3,800 patients in December 2011.
“These are real people that we’re talking about, that are being harmed — either made sick, will be sick in the future or have died,” Miller said.”
This is despicable, our Veterans deserve better and the taxpayers should be screaming at the top of their lungs.  I guess no accounting of 3/4 of a million dollars is no big deal when 600 million dollars is being spent on the Obamacare website, which isn’t working.  Or maybe it is working just fine, collecting all your personal information!
Well anyway, he’s sorry.  You know, the little boy up there in the White House, he’s so sorry and he’ll do everything he can to speed up fixing the website so we can hurry up and find out how screwed we all are and then we’ll just all decide to go on the government health care, which is really what the great one knows is the best for all of us.  And then we’ll all be paying our fair share too!  And then the great one will have done just as he promised, he will have fundamentally transformed America.
And now this:
It’s not news to some of us that we now have Al Qaeda here in the US!  Oh, goodness, and right in Kentucky!  Oh my, shocking!!!!  C’mon, really!!!  Anyone who is surprised at this needs to wake the hell up!  Romney not pure enough, won’t vote for him, no,  just stay home, not vote, show them all!  Well folks, here we are now!  The economy means nothing if you are not safe!
The ones who have suffered the most under this little boy in the White House has been our Troops and our Veterans but now, America, welcome to their  world!  Americans are about to find out what the Troops feel like every single day!
And now the folks are shocked at what is going on, they say they would vote for Romney!!  Really??!!!
Well, tough!  Suck it up now like the rest of us have to do but maybe, just maybe, beating up the Republicans (not one voted for Obamacare!) will stop and all Conservatives will UNITE and start pointing their arrows ACROSS the battlefield at all those Democrats who voted for YOU, AT YOUR EXPENSE, to provide health care for all the slackers and the refugees!!
Oh, and don’t feel too bad, it’ll all work out, Obama says so, as he sings away in the bathroom, and he does it with such swag!
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
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Our Veterans Are Dying Due to the Inept VA