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Boehner: No Tax Hikes in Budget Agreement

Posted: November 17, 2013 at 7:45 am   /   by


Speaker Boehner responded to Democrats’ latest push for more tax hikes today, making clear that there will be no budget agreement that raises taxes on American families and small businesses, which would make it harder to create jobs.  As Boehner said:

“But a budget agreement won’t happen if Democrats continue to insist on more tax hikes for American families and employers, which will cost us more jobs and hurt our economy.

“Chairman Ryan, Sen. McConnell, myself have all been clear: the president got his tax hike in January.  And so, to borrow the president’s own rhetoric: we’re not going to ask the American people to pay a ‘ransom’ of higher taxes to enact common-sense policies that even the president has pushed for.” 

“We’ve got a chance to find common ground,” Boehner added, but that can only happen if Democrats abandon their perennial tax hike obsession and work toward an agreement that begins to address the drivers of our debt, and puts the economy on a more sustainable fiscal path.

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Boehner: No Tax Hikes in Budget Agreement