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President’s Faux ‘Fix’ Isn’t Fooling Anyone

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Posted: November 16, 2013 at 4:00 pm   /   by

The so-called ObamaCare ‘fix’ laid out by the president yesterday wasn’t a fix for the millions of Americans who have lost their health plans and are seeing theirpremiums skyrocket under the president’s health care law.  It was a fix for an administration under fire by its own party members, and a president whose credibility is crumbling, according to the latest Quinnipiac survey, under the weight of an endless stream of broken promises.  Here’s more:

  • “If only the new ‘administrative fix’ he announced on Thursday did more to help the consumers who are losing their coverage than it does to help Democrats protect their political future.” (Wall Street Journal editorial, 11/15/13)
  • “The policy does not, however, require companies to comply, and industry experts say it may be too late to reverse cancellations. Obama was not shy about the political nature of the announcement Thursday.” (National Journal, 11/14/13)
  • “But it won’t actually solve the problem for millions of Americans who are losing their current coverage as Obamacare deadlines loom. Instead, Obama’s announcement is a desperate attempt to solve his own political problems by shifting blame.” (Washington Examiner, 11/14/13)
  • “But political necessity doesn’t guarantee good policy, and the president’s plan is less a solution than it is a punt.” (USA Today editorial, 11/14/13)
  • “At best, his proposed fix will have little impact except to let him shift the blame…” (Washington Post editorial, 11/15/13)
  • “President Obama didn’t ‘fix’ the Affordable Care Act Thursday. Heattempted to patch Democrats’ leaky political fortunes…” (The News Heraldeditorial, 11/15/13)
  • “In other words, Obama’s proposed fix offers little in the way of actual help to consumers or even insurance providers. What it does do is provide Obama (and by extension the Democrats in Congress) a scapegoat and a much-needed short-term political gain.” (Yahoo News, 11/14/13)

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to see the president’s move for the political ploy it is.  For instance …

  • Why would an “apologetic” president even characterize this action as a ‘fix,’ when the underlying problem was “practically baked into the law” he rammed through Congress, and fought to keep in place with a veto threatagainst legislation before the Senate in 2010 that would have prevented Americans from being kicked off their health plans?
  • Why did it take a backlash from angry Democrats reaching a “fever pitch” in a closed-door meeting this week for the president to act?  Insurers warned cancellation notices were coming months ago, and they’ve been landing in millions of mailboxes for weeks – not to mention the fact that the president has known since the beginning this would happen.
  • Why would the president opt for an “administrative fix” – and a legally questionable one at best – instead of working with Congress on a legal and effective solution that protects all Americans from the fallout of his health care law?
  • If not for politics, why would the president “vow to veto” the Keep Your Health Plan Act, which will receive a vote in the House today, that would remove the legal obstacles preventing current plans from being offered, just as the president claims he supports?

President Obama’s so-called ‘fix’ isn’t fooling anyone, and the fact that he would even try to pass it off as a genuine solution only reinforces why Americans have lost faith in his credibility.   All of the president’s unilateral actions and end runs around Congress will do nothing to address the fundamental flaws of his health care law.  As Speaker Boehner said yesterday, “the only way to fully protect the American people is to scrap this law once and for all,” and focus on patient-centered reforms that lower costs and protect jobs.

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President’s Faux ‘Fix’ Isn’t Fooling Anyone