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A year out: Obamacare has Dems on the run

Posted: November 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm   /   by

Every day there are new numbers being released that prove what most of us knew all along — you cannot keep your insurance.
Now, a year from their re-election, Senate Dems are worried.

There’s no avoiding the truth:  Obamacare is costing TENS OF MILLIONS their health insurance. This isn’t just the individual insurance market as liberals are trying to spin. As Dr. Avik Roy explains, this could be 93 million Americans — employer based and individual.

Democrats lied to their constituents. Most haven’t had to stand for re-election since 2008!

For the next year they will try to change the subject any way they can. We must stay on target and continue to expose this disaster.

Here’s the latest map of lost coverage via Megyn Kelly:

obamacare lost coverage

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A year out: Obamacare has Dems on the run