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Obama using Obamacare money—your money—to fund left-wing operatives

Posted: October 31, 2013 at 12:30 pm   /   by


Meanwhile, Federal Navigator Grants Potentially Fund Community Organizing

Phoenix–As exchanges open, millions of federal dollars in navigator grants are being awarded to controversial groups, like Planned Parenthood and labor unions, which will have access to private information yet not require a single background check for their staff. Additionally, the program leaves taxpayers potentially stuck subsidizing these groups as they conduct community organizing in their neighborhoods.

With over 120 grants issued in 34 states, the list of recipients is a veritable “who’s who” of the left-wing political machine. The list includes groups with ACORN-ties like the Southern United Neighborhoods, and the Structured Employment Economic Development Corporation. The latter recently settled a $1.725 million lawsuit for fraud committed under another government program.

The Goldwater Institute is partnering with state legislators like Rep. Paul Boyer (R-Phoenix), to establish clear laws that protect regular citizens from having their private information abused or collected for community organizations during their interactions with Obamacare’s navigators.

“The American people have a right to be concerned about the agendas and integrity of these groups,” said Boyer. “Once again we are seeing the federal government play favorites with public funds, and in this case under the guise of helping people smoothly transition to a marketplace that was supposed to simplify the process to begin with.”

While the law does say a navigator can’t conduct private business while acting officially, there is nothing in the law to forbid navigators from switching hats once their business is done to promote their own cause’s message.

“It’s almost as if the language was left intentionally vague,” said Christina Corieri, health care policy analyst with the Goldwater Institute. “Nothing prohibits them from recruiting and messaging while they’re at a community event or church fair as a navigator. Never mind the amount of information these people will have access to makes this an identity thief’s dream job.”

“There’s no indication from the feds that they intend to address these serious concerns about the navigator program,” said Boyer. “It’s now the duty of the states to forge their own protections for citizens.”

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Obama using Obamacare money—your money—to fund left-wing operatives