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Is Your Congressman a Member of the Republican Study Committee?

Posted: September 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm   /   by

If not, WHY not?

By Bob de La Tigra

174 Republican Representatives are active members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) – 60 Republican Representatives are NOT ?

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) is a group of House Republicans organized for the purpose of advancing a conservative social and economic agenda in the House of Representatives. The Republican Study Committee is dedicated to:

* a limited and Constitutional role for the federal government

* a strong national defense

* the protection of individual and property rights

* the preservation of traditional family values.

The RSC reviews each piece of legislation under consideration on the House floor using the six guiding principles listed below:

1) Less Government – Does the bill tend to reduce government regulations, size of government, or eliminate entitlements or unnecessary programs?

2) Lower Taxes – Does the bill promote individual responsibility in spending, or reduce taxes or fees?

3) Personal Responsibility – Does the bill encourage responsible behavior by individuals and families and encourage them to provide for their own health, safety, education, moral fortitude, or general welfare?

4) Individual Freedom – Does the bill increase opportunities for individuals or families to decide, without hindrance or coercion from government, how to conduct their own lives and make personal choices?

5) Stronger Families – Does the bill enhance the traditional American family and its power to rear children without excessive interference from the government?

6) Domestic Tranquility, National Defense – Does the bill enhance American security without unduly burdening civil liberty?

The group has played a major role in key policy areas including budget, appropriations, taxes, education, Social Security reform, defense, deregulation, and general government reform. The Republican Study Committee is an independent research arm for House Republicans.

Following is the list of Republican Representatives who are NOT member of the Republican Study Committee (RSC)

You may wish to ask them why they do not consider the effort of the RSC to be of importance to them ?

you can find their contact information here

Alexander, Rodney – LA05
Amodei, Mark – NV02
Barletta, Louis – PA11
Barton, Joe – TX06
Boehner, John – OH08
Bonner, Jo – AL01
Boustany, Charles – LA03
Calvert, Ken – CA42
Capito, Shelley – WV02
Coble, Howard – NC06
Coffman, Mike – CO06
Cook, Paul – CA08
Crenshaw, Ander – FL04
Dent, Charlie – PA15
Diaz-Balart, Mario – FL25
Duncan, John – TN02
Fitzpatrick, Mike – PA08
Frelinghuysen, Rodney – NJ11
Gerlach, Jim – PA06
Gibson, Chris – NY19
Griffith, Morgan – VA09
Hastings, Doc – WA04
Heck, Joe – NV03
Jones, Walter – NC03
King, Peter – NY02
Kinzinger, Adam – IL16
Lance, Leonard – NJ07
Latham, Tom – IA03
LoBiondo, Frank – NJ02
Marino, Tom – PA10
McCarthy, Kevin – CA23
McKinley, David – WV01
Meehan, Patrick – PA07
Mica, John – FL07
Miller, Candice – MI10
Miller, Gary – CA31
Murphy, Tim – PA18
Nunes, Devin – CA22
Paulsen, Erik – MN03
Petri, Thomas – WI06
Reichert, Dave – WA08
Roby, Martha – AL02
Rogers, Hal – KY05
Rogers, Mike – MI08
Rohrabacher, Dana – CA48
Rooney, Tom – FL17
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana – FL27
Runyan, Jon – NJ03
Schock, Aaron – IL18
Scott, Austin – GA08
Sensenbrenner, Jim – WI05
Shuster, Bill – PA09
Simpson, Mike – ID02
Smith, Christopher – NJ04
Stockman, Steve – TX36
Terry, Lee – NE02
Thompson, Glenn – PA05
Tiberi, Pat – OH12
Upton, Fred – MI06
Valadao, David – CA21
Walden, Greg – OR02
Whitfield, Ed – KY01
Wolf, Frank – VA10
Young, C.W. – FL13
Young, Donald – AK01

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Is Your Congressman a Member of the Republican Study Committee?