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Syria isn’t about chemical weapons, it’s about competing natural gas pipelines

Posted: September 10, 2013 at 12:30 pm   /   by

What you will NOT be told about Syria

Ever wonder WHY Russia is in bed with Syria and Obama is in bed with Saudi Arabia on the Syria question ?

Well, it’s the same as always, just FOLLOW THE MONEY – and it has little or NOTHING to do with chemical or biological warfare.

Qatar, who we don’t hear much about, is one of the root causees of the “conflict” in Syria – to wit;

Qatar is the world’s leading producer of liquidified natura gas (LNG) which comes from the imense gas fields that they share with Saudi Arabia.


Qatar wants to supply future energy needs of Europe via a direct pipeline up their coast, through Kuwait, Iraq and Syria and into Turkey which will be the entry point for all of Europe, INCLUDING Russia …

Meanwhile, the Saudis also have a plan to construct a direct pipeline to Europe, through Jordan and Syria and into Turkey, but EXCLUDING any branch to Russia …

HERE IS THE PROBLEM – Assad (Syria) welcomes the Qatar pipeline to go through Syria, but REFUSES to allow the Saudi pipeline (Obama and the Keystone Pipeline ?)

Therefore, if the Qatar-, Russia- and Iran-backed Assad regime prevail in the Syrian civil war, then Syria, Qatar, Iran and Russia WIN big time, both politically and financially


If the Saudi and USA backed Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood forces prevail in Syria, then the new Muslim Brotherhood regime will charge a hefty fee and allow the Saudi pipeline to furnish the future energy needs of Europe …

So, we have Qatar, Iran and Russia sending huge sums of treasury and war support to Syria in their bid to reap those future profits from all of Europe on one side, and Saudi Arabia with their puppet pimp, Obama, on the other side.

(We also see Obama trying desperately to “get even” with Putin for routinely putting him down as a non-threat and non-entity in the world stage of political savvy, but hey, that’s just our humble opinion.)

You can read a more complete and detailed account of the Qatar pipeline history by Michael Snyder > HERE

Bob de La Tigra

We bet you don’t hear anything about this real money decision making when Obama talks about those evil, nerve gas using, Syrians and their leader Assad, on TV tonight ???


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Syria isn't about chemical weapons, it's about competing natural gas pipelines