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Tyranny Has Arrived on Our Doorstep

Posted: August 25, 2013 at 12:00 pm   /   by


By Shane Krauser

This administration, through the Internal Revenue Service, has targeted certain “patriotic” groups based on their message. We know this because the IG report, which was revealed in May 2013, and IRS officials have acknowledged it. The assault on America continues.

Numerous organizations who have applied for tax-exempt status have been targeted. And the message that the IRS seems to be concerned about is simple: Big, bloated, bastardized government is not in line with the U.S. Constitution and leads to less freedom, an assault on our republican form of government, and an illegal power grab from the people.

As the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, I have spent years speaking to groups all over America. In 2012, I spoke at nearly 200 different engagements from Arizona to New York. Our engagements are apolitical and focus on teaching sound principles of limited government, freedom and the modern-day applicability of our Constitution.

We applied for tax-exempt status in 2012, and we are still waiting. Our request to the IRS is rather obvious: Treat our organization just as you would any other organization applying for tax-exempt status. If the IRS believes we have not complied with their criteria, tell us so we can take that issue up as necessary. If we have complied, grant us the status. Simply stated, treat similarly-situated groups in a similar fashion as required by the equal protection principle. We should not be made to wait for nearly two years with no real answers while other “non-patriotic” groups receive approval in a matter of months.

This pattern of conduct by the IRS reveals everything that is wrong with America. Government picks and chooses who it will protect, who it will ignore, and who it will harass. Our government has rejected the rule of law in the name of political expediency.

Call this a “phony scandal” if you wish. However, reality makes it clear that this is far from being phony. Real policy decisions have been made by this administration that has affected real lives and has had real consequences.

Tyranny is rampant and must come toppling down. And this sort of tyranny should concern every American. It should not be an issue of whether we are in philosophical agreement or not. It should be an issue of whether the law is applied fairly, equally, and without bias or prejudice. Freedom allows disagreement. It does not allow utilizing government force to silence your political or philosophical enemy.

Freedom will never win if our government does not embrace the equality principle as a first priority. And at this time, it is painfully clear that they do not.

Shane Krauser is the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, the spokesman for, a partner with the law firm of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, the chief instructor at K-Force Vanguard, and a radio talk show host in Phoenix, Arizona. Follow him on twitter: @ShaneKrauser


U.S. Congressional Field Hearing
IRS Testimony
Thursday, August 22, 2013
Mesa, Arizona Testimony:
Shane F. Krauser,
Director, American Academy for Constitutional Education

Shane Krauser

Shane Krauser is the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, an attorney in Arizona, the spokesman for Freedom Fires, a radio talk show host, an adjunct professor of constitutional and criminal law, and the chief instructor of K-Force Vanguard. He is also the primary contributor of Freedom Fires, is a former prosecutor of 12 years, and has dedicated his life to defending freedom and the Constitution. He is an author, a political commentator who has appeared on national radio and TV, and a writer whose op-eds have been published in numerous national media outlets.

Shane did his undergraduate work at Arizona State University and received his law degree from the University of Utah. He is married to Janelle Krauser, and they have six children. Follow him on twitter: @shanekrauser

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Tyranny Has Arrived on Our Doorstep