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Out-of-Touch: Washington Dems the Only Ones Who Aren’t Seeing ObamaCare for the Train Wreck It Is

Posted: August 17, 2013 at 1:15 pm   /   by

Just weeks after the White House announced its latest PR push to sell a deeply-skeptical public on ObamaCare, it’s clear the president’s spin masters have their work cut out for them.  With more bad news piling up by the day, it seems the only people who aren’t seeing the president’s health care law for the train wreck it is are the Washington Democrats who rammed it through Congress.  Here’s a look at how Democrats’ rosy pitch is stacking up against the facts:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) says that ObamaCarehas been wonderful for America.” Really?  Has it been ‘wonderful’ for ….

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) also sees no cause for concern, claiming that the law’s implementation is just “fabulous.”  Probably not how most people would describe the ….

  • “Dream come true for rip-off artists” who are already exploiting confusion over the new ObamaCare exchanges to scam Americans, CNBC reports.  Between the “thousands of poorly trained ‘navigators’ and the con artists waiting to pounce, “the opportunity and incentive for fraud have rarely been so inviting,” says the Washington Examiner.
  • Wealthy and well-connected … getting exemptions from Obamacare,” while the rest of America is left on the hook for its disastrous consequences.  After delaying the mandate on employers – but not individuals – the New York Times reports this week that the administration has also given insurance companies a pass, “another setback” for a law that has encountered “hurdle after hurdle” in its  implementation, and another example of the president giving big businesses a break, without providing the same basic fairness to individuals and families.
  • White House “honor system” that leaves ObamaCare “wide open to fraud.”  By delaying the employer mandate, the White House has made it impossible to verify eligibility requirements for individuals, potentially allowing subsidies to go to millions of people “who don’t legally qualify,” says the Wall Street Journal.

Doesn’t sound to us like ObamaCare is “working the way it’s supposed to,” but that’s what the president would have us believe.  Surely he doesn’t mean the law is supposed to ….

Not all Democrats are towing the company line.  Several have admitted they’re “nervous” and “concerned” about the law’s consequences, and nearly two dozen joined House Republicans last month in delaying its mandates for individuals, as well as employers.  Even the president has tacitly acknowledged his law is unworkable by signing seven House-passed bills that repeal and defund some of its provisions, and delaying several of its mandates for big businesses.

It’s time for the president and Democratic leaders to start leveling with the American people about the problems that lie ahead under the president’s health care law, and work with Republicans to delay and dismantle this law, provide fairness for all Americans, and focus on solutions that will help lower costs, improve care and protect jobs.

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Out-of-Touch: Washington Dems the Only Ones Who Aren’t Seeing ObamaCare for the Train Wreck It Is