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(Obama is living in) A Fool’s Paradise

Posted: June 28, 2013 at 10:45 am   /   by

By Nick Bailey

Jim Pinkerton was on Fox News earlier this week and said Barack Obama was living in “Liberal La-La Land” regarding his reluctance to address the country’s pressing problem. I think “Liberal La-La Land” gives Obama too much credit; a Fool’s Paradise is more appropriate for him and I’ll explain why.

This week, Obama announced sweeping new plans, through Presidential Memorandum, to combat climate change—and get this—to create jobs. Obama is essentially doubling down on the green industry because that worked so well for us in the past. He wants to increase regulation against U.S. power plants, effectively jumpstarting the Obama administration’s “War on Coal.” This isn’t about dissidence, this is about delusion. Engaging in the same tired environmental rhetoric when there are bigger fish to fry reeks of desperation. This attempt to grasp anything that resembles the normalcy of his first term by engaging in partisan politics shows that Obama is not only inexperienced but also incapable to deal with broadening dilemmas facing the country.

In other news:

  • Russia has defiantly stated they will not comply with the U.S. request for extradition and did not take kindly to the threats that accompanied it;
  • China has shown complete disregard for this administration in regards to Eric Snowden, equivalent to a slap in the face;
  • Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons and is winning the war in Syria;
  • The Taliban are still threatening American safety, killing four American troops just last week;
  • The FBI has admitted to using drones domestically to spy on Americans;
  • The NSA is still collecting metadata, despite public uproar;
  • Obamacare is in danger of living up to it’s “train wreck” reputation;
  • Twelve different IRS units nationwide have targeted conservatives;
  • Conjointly, the IRS spending spree of $50 million on conferences hasn’t seen one head roll;
  • And the Department of Justice’s massive cull of Associated Press reporters phone records.

But not to worry, Obama will be addressing climate change because that is more important than every one of the issues above. Climate change will single-handedly prevent Russia from helping Snowden, force Assad to relinquish power, and make you forget about the missteps of this administration in the last few months—a Fool’s Paradise.

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(Obama is living in) A Fool's Paradise