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A Trip to the Arizona Border — Part 1

Posted: April 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm   /   by

On April 20, 2013, the Arizona Project sponsored a one-day round trip from the Phoenix area to the Mexican border.  Ron Ludders, Chairman of Arizona Project, was the trip leader and guide.

The first stop on the trip was a drug drop-point less than 8 miles southwest of Casa Grande (Latitude 32.8229 degs, Longitude -111.8605 degs) and approximately 80 miles north of the Mexican border.

In the 7-minute video below, Ludders walks the desert alongside a wooded area where “mules” have dropped their 80-pound back packs of drugs for transport to Tucson, Phoenix, and other areas.  Artifacts of the smuggling are all over the ground, with most of the materials hidden in the trees.

This is Part 1 of a multi-part series on the 1-day border tour.  Other parts will cover talks by a pastor who has lived near the border for 22 years, a county sheriff, and an entrepreneur/patriot who has developed a low-cost technology to actually count the number of people crossing the border as they cross it.  He is using low-cost seismic-vibration sensor arrays and acoustic waveform data processing that he perfected specifically for the purpose of tallying unlawful border-crossings.

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 45 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper

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A Trip to the Arizona Border -- Part 1