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Arizona Families Have Until May 1 to Apply for Empowerment Scholarship Account

Posted: April 13, 2013 at 4:30 pm   /   by

Revolutionary School Choice Program Allows Families to Choose School Experience Best for Child

Arizona families looking for better education options have three weeks left to apply for an empowerment scholarship account, a revolutionary school choice program that gives parents the ability to choose the best education option for their child.

Empowerment scholarship accounts are private bank accounts that parents use for education expenses. The State of Arizona deposits a portion of a child’s share of education funding into the account and parents can use that money to pay for school tuition, online classes, tutoring, books, and other expenses. Any leftover money can even be saved for college.

First created for special-needs children, the empowerment scholarship account program has since expanded to include children in “D” and “F” failing schools, foster and adoptive children, and children of active-duty military families. That means that 1 in 5 Arizona families are now eligible.

Empowerment scholarship accounts already have brightened the future of many Arizona families. Arizona mom Holland Hines has used an empowerment scholarship account to help her 6-year-old son Elias, who suffers from autism and hyperlexia. With their account, Holland has been able to tailor a school day and educational experience to serve her son’s unique needs. Arizona mom Kathy Visser has used an account to help her son Jordan, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Like Holland, Kathy has been able to use the account to meet her son’s needs in a way that traditional public school couldn’t. Now that the program has been expanded to make nearly 200,000 Arizona schoolchildren eligible, many more families will be able to tailor an education experience to meet their children’s unique needs.

Families can apply for the program by visiting: The application process takes just a few minutes, though may require submittingsome additional information, so families should not delay in beginning the application. The Department of Education is accepting applications until 3pm on May 1st.

To find out more about this program, or to arrange an interview of a family currently using an education savings account, please contact Goldwater Institute Communications Director Lucy Caldwell at 602-633-8986 or [email protected].

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Arizona Families Have Until May 1 to Apply for Empowerment Scholarship Account