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Committee Appointed to Study Arizona’s Ambulance Industry

Posted: March 22, 2013 at 10:30 am   /   by

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Rep. Michelle Ugenti (R-Dist. 23)

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (March 20, 2013) – Today, the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Andy Tobin, established an ad hoc committee on ambulance, medical and social service transportation. Among other charges, the committee will specifically review laws, policies and procedures of the ambulance industry which include:

  • The impact of the ambulance Certificates of Necessity (CON) restrictions on competition.
  • Impacts and recommendations on whether ambulance companies should be required to submit audited financial statements to the Arizona Department Health Services (DHS) when requesting new rates or upon annual compliance reviews.
  • Recommendations on whether competition, or modifying the CON standards to allow competition, could provide a cost savings to the state, patients, and the payers for those services.
  • An analysis of Arizona DHS oversight and regulation of ambulance and medical transport.

The committee is scheduled to meet after conclusion of the current legislative session. The committee will submit a report regarding the committee’s findings and recommendations on or before October 31, 2013 to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and provide a copy of this report to the Secretary of State.

Citing the importance of the ad hoc committee, Speaker Tobin stated, “This study committee is a good way to understand the commercial practices of emergency response as well as the ambulance industry Certificate of Necessity process. Understanding how DHS and AHCCCS work within the confines of the current statutes should help us set appropriate priorities on ambulance policy moving forward.”

Representative Michelle Ugenti, a proponent of the ad hoc committee review of the ambulance industry, commented, “As we battle in Arizona to limit spending each and every day at the legislature, it is especially the right time to review how every cent of our health care dollars are consumed by government.” Ugenti, who asked to be appointed to the ad hoc committee continued, “I am committed to working with the industry, to ensure that fair competitive practices exist in order to safeguard Arizonans and guarantee we are paying a fair prices and getting the best quality and safety.”

The committee will be made up of both elected legislators as well as industry stakeholders. The Ad Hoc Committee calls for:

  • A member of the House of Representatives
  • The directors of the Department of Health Services and the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System
  • Representatives from an ambulance company and social-service transportation
  • A health insurance representative that contracts for ambulance services
  • A representative from a fire district that provides ambulance service

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Committee Appointed to Study Arizona’s Ambulance Industry