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Don’t pit Marco and Rand against each other!

Posted: March 21, 2013 at 9:25 am   /   by

The pundits will do it because it makes for good talk.

The left-wing media (redundancy alert) will do it because it hurts Republicans.

Conservatives will do it because they’re afraid of the change Rand Paul represents (the slow but inevitable ascendance of libertarianism within the GOP)

Libertarians will do it because they’re obsessed with ideological purity (and Marco Rubio, while awesome, is impure from the view of many libertarians)

Okay, so now that’ve I’ve alienated everyone, please hear me out . . .

Why is it that within movements, we focus so intently on the 10% of stuff about which we disagree so much more intently than the 90% of stuff about which we agree?

Perhaps worse still, why do we focus on far less pressing issues about which we disagree and ignore the vastly more important issues about which we agree. For example . . .

Social conservatives are bound and determined to preserve the government’s role in defining marriage as between one man and one woman, in spite of the fact that government has done NOTHING to arrest the decline of marriage as a social institution, a decline that began long before anyone was pushing for same-sex marriage. Socons look at libertarians who want to allow the redefinition of marriage as a threat and libertarians who want to get government out of licensure altogether as unrealistic dreamers. Libertarians look at socons as behind the times and excessively restrictive. Both obsess over the other’s position.

Meanwhile, while both factions are picking at this comparatively less-important scab, the entire nation is bleeding out via a statist, debt-laden, natural rights-defiling, quasi-socialist sucking chest wound.

For their part, libertarians are obsessing over issues like the drug war. In spite of the fact that decent arguments exist on both sides of this issue, and are made by well-meaning members of the same movement, some libertarians look at any conservatives who hold a different view as being worse than the statists who are gunning for us all. Rather than focusing on our vast areas of agreement, and uniting to meet a vastly more dangerous threat, they are demanding what they deem as libertarian purity on every issue, large and small.

The conservative/libertarian/classical liberal movement is the only movement that has ever fought for a truly complete manifestation of liberty at the societal and governmental level. It is the only truly revolutionary political movement in history, for it is the only one that is calling for something other than a form of statism and oppression. The statists know this, and they are gunning for ALL of us, not just one faction or another. And they are delighted to help make that happen by splitting us up. In the Paul-Rubio divide, they see an opening. Do not give it to them!

Watch these two speeches. The plain-spoken libertarian and the soaring conservative. One is a conservative libertarian and the other is a libertarian conservative. Why on Earth would we focus on their few differences rather than their many wonderful sames? Fight the left. Fight the statists. Pick your favorite, but do not consider the other a foe!


Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
Christopher Cook is a writer, editor, and political commentator. He is the president of Castleraine, Inc., a consulting firm providing a diverse array of services to corporate, public policy, and not-for-profit clients.

Ardently devoted to the cause of human freedom, he has worked at the confluence of politics, activism, and public policy for more than a decade. He co-wrote a ten-part series of video shorts on economics, and has film credits as a researcher on 11 political documentaries, including Citizens United's notorious film on Hillary Clinton that became the subject of a landmark Supreme Court decision. He is the founder of several activist endeavors, including (now a part of Western Free Press) and He is currently the managing editor of and principal contributor to
Christopher Cook

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Don't pit Marco and Rand against each other!