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A Light-Bulb Moment

Posted: March 12, 2013 at 2:15 pm   /   by

Stop what you’re doing, and watch this Video

This truly is one of those amazing light-bulb moments.  What if we could reverse the process of desert encroachment, AND produce food for many millions more people at the same time?  Heck, if you are one of those who thinks carbon is causing Global Warming, we’ll dramatically reduce carbon, too.  Does that all sound like a good deal?  Then go watch this video right now, and see how everything we thought we knew about the causes of desert encroachment, or desertification, is wrong.  It’s a little over 20 minutes, and worth every second.

I came across this over at Watts Up With That.  Anthony Watts describes this as a bridge in the climate debate, an issue that both sides can come-together on.  I’m not so sure myself.  Personally, I think Anthony gives too much credit to the radical enviros.  In my own experience, there is no shortage of people on that side of the debate who are either careerists or ideological misanthropes who have no interest in actually solving any problems.  Their financial or political futures are closely tied to the debate itself, and they have no interest in allowing it to change.  Thank God though for people like Allen Savory, who are interested in seeking truth and solving problems, even if it turns everything he believed or thought he absolutely knew on its ear.

In a nutshell, Savory shows that everything we have been doing for decades to try to stop desert encroachment has actually been making it worse.  His solution is breathtakingly simple, but goes against the grain of everything we have been taught about ecology and land use.  And unlike so many of the “solutions” relentlessly pushed by the Green Movement, it’s not based on theories or computer-models, but on objective, measurable results.  Yes, he pays homage at the alter of fossil fuel vilification, but set that aside and watch.  This could be one of the most important public policy issues in the world, I do not exaggerate.

Greg Conterio

Gregory Conterio grew-up in the middle of the cornfields of central Illinois, spent 12 years living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles, and another 15 in Miami, Florida, giving him a first-hand perspective on the rich variability of American culture.  Although formally educated in zoology, he saw opportunity in the then emerging Information technology field 25 years ago, and has remained there ever since, although he denies being an early pioneer in the now fashionable trend of pursuing useless college degrees.  Having an entrepreneurial background, Gregory has long been a staunch advocate of free markets and minimal government intrusion into our lives.  He currently runs a small IT consulting firm based in South Florida, where he resides with his wife of 25 years, his daughter, three Whippets, and an unknown but growing number of chickens, having discovered belatedly the rural lifestyle is not so bad after all.

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A Light-Bulb Moment