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2nd Amendment – Leftist Hypocrisy Personified

Posted: March 11, 2013 at 2:45 pm   /   by

So, is Mark Kelly (husband of Gabrielle Giffords), who famously testified before congress a couple weeks ago about why our second-amendment rights should be taken-away, a lying hypocrite?

It’s a fair question, after it was reported that he purchased a 1911 model .45 handgun AND…

Wait for it…

An EVIL AR-15 ASSAULT RIFLE!  You can read about it in more detail over at Breitbart.  Now that word has leaked-out, Kelly claims it was all just to prove a point, that it was “easy” to pass a background-check, and purchase a gun, and that he plans to turn it over to the police as soon as he takes possession of it.

I’m not buying it.  If Kelly seriously thinks he is just “proving a point” he has one of the most irrational thought processes imaginable.  In order for this to be true, you would have to believe Kelly:

  1. Was willing to lay-out several hundred bucks, quite likely more than a grand, just to turn-in his purchases to the police.  Why not just flush your cash down the toilet?
  2. How does this “prove” anything?  It’s already known that Arizona does not have a waiting period for firearm purchases, and as long as you pass the background check, you can purchase a gun.  Simply going through the exercise does not “prove” anything that is not already known.
  3. If he really was just trying to “prove a point” why did he not openly announce what he was doing?  He could have called a press conference, walked out of the gun shop with his purchases in hand, and stepped right up to an eager media camera and microphone, illustrating just how fast & easy it was to buy a gun.  He did not even publicly acknowledge the purchase until after he was “caught” a few days later, and all the “publicity” for his noble demonstration amounted to a Facebook post.  Seriously?

This would have to rank as the lamest, most ill-conceived publicity stunt since Arthur Carlson threw a bunch of turkeys out of a helicopter.  Nope, I’m calling Occam’s Razor on this one.  The much more logical explanation is Mark Kelly went into a local gun shop, bought a couple of guns, then spun a ridiculous story in order to avoid looking like a hypocrite once he had been caught.

Gabrielle Giffords was not always anti-gun.  You can see her here, firing an AK-47 back when proving she was not anti-second amendment was important to her electoral chances.  But Gabby Giffords has a perfectly good reason to have changed her mind on the subject.  Whether or not you agree with her (and just to be clear, I don’t.) her attitude and conduct is perfectly consistent, and deserves respect.  Her husband Mark, not so much.

Greg Conterio

Gregory Conterio grew-up in the middle of the cornfields of central Illinois, spent 12 years living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles, and another 15 in Miami, Florida, giving him a first-hand perspective on the rich variability of American culture.  Although formally educated in zoology, he saw opportunity in the then emerging Information technology field 25 years ago, and has remained there ever since, although he denies being an early pioneer in the now fashionable trend of pursuing useless college degrees.  Having an entrepreneurial background, Gregory has long been a staunch advocate of free markets and minimal government intrusion into our lives.  He currently runs a small IT consulting firm based in South Florida, where he resides with his wife of 25 years, his daughter, three Whippets, and an unknown but growing number of chickens, having discovered belatedly the rural lifestyle is not so bad after all.

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2nd Amendment – Leftist Hypocrisy Personified