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Study finds $150 billion in cuts to offset Sequestration: The money is there, Mr. President

Posted: March 5, 2013 at 7:45 am   /   by

The idea that we cannot find anything in the budget to cut is simply ludicrous.

From Heritage:

Potential Sequestration Replacement Proposals

Estimated Annualized Savings (in millions of dollars) Proposal
$4,500 Phase out or cap farm subsidies.
$400 Reduce premium subsidy in crop insurance.
$5,638 Restrict automatic eligibility for food stamps, accelerate sunset of enhanced stimulus food stamp benefits, and adjust terms for food stamp heating and cooling allowances.
$1,500 Merge agriculture outreach agencies and halve their budgets.
$1,500 Eliminate the Foreign Agricultural Service.
$500 Eliminate business subsidies from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
$128 Eliminate Hollings Manufacturing Extension Program.
$335 Eliminate the International Trade Administration’s trade-promotion activities.
$258 Eliminate the Economic Development Administration.
Community Development
$3,000 Eliminate Community Development Block Grants.
$500 Eliminate the Rural Utilities Service.
$12,000 Limit Pell Grants to their 2009 level of $24 billion.
$3,500 Begin phaseout of Head Start.
$1,500 Eliminate duplicative education grants.
$1,500 Scale back the Education Department bureaucracy.
Energy and Environment
$4,500 Reduce energy subsidies for commercialization.
$1,490 Eliminate federal grants for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure.
$700 Reduce the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
$253 Eliminate grants to states for energy conservation and weatherization.
$245 Reduce funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy research, development, and demonstration.
$1,070 Terminate the U.S. Geological Survey.
Financial Services
$2,350 Repeal FDIC liquidation authority.
$414 Terminate new Home Affordable Modification Program authority.
$448 Terminate Federal Reserve transfers to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.
$71 Eliminate the Office of Financial Research.
Health Care
$9,990 Limit states’ ability to tax Medicaid and CHIP providers; limit disproportionate-share hospital payments; repeal certain requirements that states maintain Medicaid and CHIP eligibility rules; limit Medicaid payments to territories; repeal performance bonuses under CHIP.
$4,000 Repeal HHS Secretary’s authority to provide state grants for establishing health insurance exchanges; repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund; rescind loan funding for the Consumer Operated and Oriented program.
$400 Eliminate the Maternal and Child Block Grant.
$350 Eliminate Title X Family Planning grants.
$300 Eliminate health professions grants.
$75 Eliminate the Health Services Corps.
Homeland Security
$1,500 Reduce grants to states.
$1,325 Terminate U.S. contribution to the International Development Association.
$32 Withdraw funding for the African Development Bank.
$100 Withdraw funding for the Asian Development Fund.
$625 Eliminate the State Department’s education and cultural exchange programs.
$1,252 Withdraw funding for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
$5 Withdraw funding for the Inter-American Investment Corporation.
$25 Withdraw funding for the Enterprise for the Americas Multilateral Investment Fund.
$80 Phase out the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
$30 Withdraw from the African Development Foundation.
$50 Phase out the Trade and Development Agency.
$27 Terminate the U.S. Emergency Refugee Migration Assistance Fund.
$17 Close the East–West Center.
$1,161 Terminate State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance.
$199 Terminate Community-Oriented Policing Services.
$263 Terminate Juvenile Justice Programs.
$348 Terminate the Legal Services Corporation.
$5,000 Consolidate federal job training programs.
$1,500 Eliminate the Job Corps.
$1,500 Reduce NASA space exploration.
$1,500 Reduce funding for the National Science Foundation.
$7,800 Limit highway spending to trust fund level.
$4,200 Eliminate intercity rail subsidies.
$725 Privatize Amtrak.
$2,000 Eliminate New Starts transit programs.
$1,070 Eliminate grants to large and medium-sized hub airports.
$550 Eliminate the Maritime Administration.
$125 Eliminate Essential Air Services.
Cross-Agency and Other
$11,000 Reduce improper payments by 10 percent.
$31,000 Rescind unspent stimulus funds for transportation, education, and other programs and refundable portion of tax credits.
$1,890 Reduce non-defense travel budgets by 35 percent.
$101 Reduce non-defense printing and reproduction by 25 percent.
$2,700 Reduce non-defense supplies and materials by 15 percent.
$3,825 Reduce non-defense advisory and assistance by 35 percent.
$1,500 Eliminate FCC funding for school Internet service.
$650 Eliminate the National Community Service programs.
$835 Eliminate senior community service employment.
$445 Eliminate subsidies for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
$146 Eliminate the National Endowment for the Humanities.
$146 Eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts.

Total Annualized Savings

$150.662 billion

Note: Savings amounts are Heritage Foundation calculations based on Congressional Budget Office figures, enacted appropriations policies extended in the fiscal year 2013 continuing resolution, and other sources. Savings are annualized amounts, although only three-fourths of the fiscal year will remain for offsetting the $55 billion in defense cuts. Slower phase-ins of some recommendations would also affect actual savings amounts.

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
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Christopher Cook

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Study finds $150 billion in cuts to offset Sequestration: The money is there, Mr. President