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Eliminating Arizona’s state corporate and personal income taxes

Posted: February 14, 2013 at 10:00 am   /   by

Representative Adam Kwasman (R-Dist. 11)

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Adam Kwasman (R-Dist 11) is taking part in a national movement of state legislators as they seek to enhance the competitiveness of their respective economies with the elimination of state income taxes.

HB 2590 (comprehensive TPT; income tax repeal) would eliminate Arizona’s state income and corporate taxes creating an optimal environment with which to capitalize on the recent tax hikes impacting businesses in neighboring California. The bill was inspired by a movement that has taken root in North Carolina,Kansas, Nebraska and Louisiana.

Convinced of the benefits of the legislation, Representative Kwasman stated, “I am proud to be leading the local effort to eliminate Arizona’s burdensome income and corporate taxes. This common sense solution will provide the conduit with which to ensure the future prosperity of our state economy, accelerate its recovery and attract much-needed jobs for all Arizonans.”

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Eliminating Arizona's state corporate and personal income taxes