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Russell Pearce Reacts to Doug Little’s Coments…Doug Little Responds to Russell Pearce

Posted: January 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm   /   by

Yesterday, former Senate President Russell Pearce penned a widely circulated letter and email questioning comments made by AZGOP Chairman candidate Doug Little at recent debates.  Western Free Press recently reported on comments from Little in which he remarked that President Obama’s 23 Executive Orders on guns weren’t “that big of a deal,” but in another video floating around the Internet Little recently criticized the Republican Party for its “extreme” positions on issues like illegal immigration and abortion.

Enter Russell Pearce:

As most of you know I have endorsed Robert Graham for State Chairman of the Republican Party. I have been quiet as to any position Doug Little has taken.

However here is what, Doug Little says, “People leave the Republican Party because they can’t stand the tone. Because they don’t care about some of the extreme positions that certain people take. We have to change the message…I want people listening to what we have to say in an environment where people are not in their face about something like immigration or something about abortion or some other contentious or divisive issue.”

But, I must express my concerns when he talks about our “EXTREME” positions on “immigration, abortion, or other divisive issues (2nd Amendment, traditional values????). The reason people are leaving this Party is because we have failed to stand for what we believe. We elect folks only to have them violate their promises and their Oath of Office.

Mr. Pearce, who currently serves as the 1st Vice Chairman of the Republican Party, went on to remark:

Doug Little seems like a good man, but I was shocked to see him say in a debate this week, that Constitutional Conservatives should not stand up for what they believe in for fear of turning people off. I don’t see the point of having a party if it doesn’t stand up for its principles…These comments come right out of the left wing media’s pages attacking our core values.

Most likely recognizing that he had some damage to control, Mr. Little responded to Mr. Pearce’s comments with the following statement:

“This is a perfect example of what I was talking about in those remarks. I say voters are turned off by extreme ‘in your face’ arguments about immigration or abortion, and suddenly I’m ‘open-borders’ and ‘pro-choice?’ Anyone who knows me at all can tell you about my deep respect for life from the moment of conception, and that I’ve been an outspoken SB1070 supporter and opponent of amnesty from Day One. No one is more pro-life or anti-‘open-borders’ than me!  Next they’ll be saying I’m anti-guns!

“I get it that these folks are trying to score a point in an election. But here’s the real point: When we throw emotion-packed language around like that, when we Republicans eat our own over manufactured misunderstandings, voters turn off and tune out. Our base gets fractured, and then we lose. Thank you, Senator Pearce, for making my point so eloquently.”

In the latest twist of events, Arizona Right to Life endorsed Robert Graham for AZGOP Chairman this afternoon.  In their official release, Arizona Right to Life addressed Mr. Little’s comments directly:
Little’s comments inappropriately fell within the same week as the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade. The AZRTL PAC would like to remind Mr. Little that since the 1973 landmark court decision, nearly 50 million babies have been aborted.


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Russell Pearce Reacts to Doug Little's Coments...Doug Little Responds to Russell Pearce