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House Republicans Elect New Leadership for the 51st Legislature

Posted: November 9, 2012 at 12:15 pm   /   by

The newly elected Republican members of the Arizona House of Representatives met earlier this afternoon to select their leadership for 51st Legislature. The members showed their confidence and support for incumbent Speaker Andy Tobin (R-Dist. 1) and elected him to serve a full term as Speaker of the House of Arizona’s 51st Legislature.

In gratitude, Speaker Tobin stated, “I am humbled and honored by the faith and trust my colleagues have shown in my leadership of the House. I am also grateful for the mandate the people of Arizona have given to the Republican-led majority. I am looking forward to maintaining the strength and cohesion of our caucus as we continue to lead Arizona down the path to economic recovery and prosperity.”

Sierra Vista Representative David Gowan (R-Dist. 14) was also elected as House Majority Leader. Eager to begin the work entailed in his new role, Representative Gowan stated, “The Republican-led House will effectively do the work the people of Arizona elected us to do. We will maintain the trust and confidence our constituents have placed in us as well as exercise solid and responsible legislative leadership.”

West Valley Representative Rick Gray (R-Dist. 21) was chosen by his Republican colleagues to serve as House Majority Whip. Emboldened by his first election to a leadership role, Representative Gray stated, “I could not be more pleased to work with such an exemplary group of legislators. I am confident that the talent, integrity and unity of my fellow Republican house colleagues will guide our state to be the envy of the nation.”

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House Republicans Elect New Leadership for the 51st Legislature