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Hold school boards responsible for district problems

Posted: November 3, 2012 at 9:00 am   /   by

Arizona voters will not be fooled by the phony fight created by Proposition 204 supporters that pits the state legislature against children in the classroom.

Proposition 204 supporters say the taxpayers’ elected representatives cannot be trusted with education spending. These officials, they claim, will misuse public funds and shortchange the schools, depriving children of a proper education.

Their answer is a clever scheme that takes education spending out of the hands of the legislature. Instead, Proposition 204 takes $1 billion a year in sales tax money and hands it to so-called education experts.

Education spending is an integral part of Arizona’s annual state budget. It consumes over half the state budget. Moreover, education spending has been maintained during times of economic downturn and otherwise increased.

But there is one troublesome fact that Proposition 204 supporters do not want Arizona voters to know. While education spending has increased 39 percent over the last decade, dollars that reach the classroom have gone down 6.7 percent.

The Proposition 204 supporters are picking a fight with the wrong people. Like many concerned parents, they should target local school boards that set education spending.

They will not do it. Local school boards carry the water of the education lobby, padding local payrolls with too many administrators, counselors, and outside consultants.

The voters will not fall for it. They should reject Proposition 204.

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Hold school boards responsible for district problems