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Mayors and city council members come out against Prop 204

Posted: November 1, 2012 at 4:50 pm   /   by

Mayors and City Council Members throughout Arizona have joined the campaign to defeat Proposition 204.

These elected officials closest to the taxpayer know the pitfalls and false promises of Proposition 204 that will raise taxes and fund education bureaucrats instead of children in the classroom.

Proposition 204 would impose a one-cent permanent increase in the state sales tax rate. It would generate $1 billion in funds for education that would be spent by self-appointed education experts instead of the state legislature.

From Prescott to Yuma, from Lake Havasu City to Payson, mayors and city council members are concerned about raising the state sales tax rate. They are worried about the Proposition 204 tax hike that will give Arizona the second highest sales tax rate in the nation.

These are the public officials who know the dire effect of tax increases on families and business. They know that the regressive sales tax hits families hard and makes it harder for businesses both large and small to create and save jobs.

The mayors and city council members opposed to Proposition 204 are concerned as well that the permanent sales tax money will never reach the classroom. These officials know the condition and needs of their local schools. They are skeptical of a measure that makes no assurance of classroom funding and funnels millions to the education bureaucracy and special interests.

Voters should listen to their mayors and city council members. Their opposition to Proposition 204 is correct.

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Mayors and city council members come out against Prop 204