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Obama Is Crumbling, Part 6: Hurricane

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 4:01 am   /   by

Yesterday’s hurricane hit the east coast hard, and our hearts go out to all those who have suffered, lost, and are dealing with the aftermath. It was truly a massive storm, and the cleanup will take some time.

Because of Hurricane Sandy, we had less national polling to look at yesterday, and there will probably be somewhat less today. Still, what we did get yesterday continues to point to a Romney win. There is little reason to think that will change today.

In fact, things are getting bad enough that the desperation of the mainstream media is becoming palpable

The media’s desperation would be pathetic were it not for the fact that they continue to wield enough power to alter elections. Without a biased media, people would have a far better understanding of Obama’s fecklessness, his malfeasance, his end-runs around the constitution, his borderline-criminal failure in Benghazi, and 100 other things that, were he a Republican, the media would have been shrieking about for four year. Without our heavily biased press, Obama would be at 35% in the polls . . . or he would have resigned by now.

Still, even with the media’s bias, things continue to move Mitt Romney’s direction.

Of course, the biggest story yesterday was early voting: According to Gallup, A) Romney leads by six and B) Obama’s early vote advantage has collapsed by 22 points over 2008. Knowing that Republicans usually overperform on Election Day itself . . . knowing that Romney is leading with indies . . . and knowing that the GOP has an enthusiasm advantage right now, what do Obama’s supporters have left (other than fraud) to give them the edge in this election?

Swing states

That sound you hear (or you would hear, if the mainstream media were to report properly) is of Romney’s campaign marching deeper and deeper into Obama territory.

Obama campaign now buying ads in Detroit

Detroit! Michigan was supposed to be safe for Obama. Suddenly, Obama is buying ads to turn out his Detroit base. Romney has moved to within three in this formerly Democratic stronghold.

It’s also happening in Pennsylvania and Minnesota:

Romney, GOP suddenly plunging onto Democratic turf

And team Romney is happy about things in Ohio:

Romney team sees Ohio numbers moving their way


No doubt there are more data coming, though not nearly as much as there would be without the aftermath of Sandy. In the increasingly unlikely event that Obama can still manage to squeak out a win, he will start his second term already a has-been. America will suffer, and nothing will be done to alleviate that suffering, because the only policies Obama is willing to pursue cause the suffering in the first place. As Americans survey that possibility in the quiet of the voting booth, will they choose to try a new course?

Increasingly, signs point to YES.


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Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

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Obama Is Crumbling, Part 6: Hurricane