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Budgets outlined by Prop 204 lack transparency

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 1:00 pm   /   by

Arizona taxpayers should be outraged that the only accounting for $1 billion a year in education spending under Proposition 204 is an audit once every five years.

The education elite that concocted the Proposition 204 scheme are asking taxpayers to fork over $1 billion a year with only a promise of an accounting audit once every five years. In other words, give them the money and stand by for an accounting of how the money is spent.

Imagine a candidate for governor or the state legislature making such a claim. The voters would laugh aloud and rush to the polls to vote no.

Proposition 204 not only gives voters an unacceptable accounting promise, it adds insult to injury by raising the $1 billion a year education slush fund through a permanent one-cent increase in the state sales tax rate. It takes a sales tax rate increase approved in 2010 during tough economic times and projects it indefinitely into the future.

Proposition 204 is a power grab with no accountability. Voters have no idea how much of the money will reach the classroom. They have no guarantee that increased education spending will improve test scores and boost graduation rates.

Proposition 204 supporters have vastly underestimated the intelligence of Arizona voters. They are willing to support education, but they want an accounting of spending more frequently than once every five years.

They will defeat Proposition 204.

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Budgets outlined by Prop 204 lack transparency