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Prop 204 does not improve education

Posted: October 30, 2012 at 2:10 pm   /   by

Taxpayers need to unite with concerned parents and teachers to oppose the misguided Proposition 204 that ignores calls for education reform and supports the wasteful status quo.

Throwing an additional $1 billion a year at education under Proposition 204 will not produce better test scores, cut the number of dropouts, or improve graduation rates. It will feed the education bureaucracy and delay the day of reckoning when only real education reform will improve performance in the classroom.

Proposition 204 was written by education elites that support the status quo. Their answer for every education woe is more money without accountability. Proposition 204 supporters promise only an audit of funds spent every five years with no accounting of progress in student and teacher performance.

The measure’s supporters refuse to admit that much of the new spending for education will not reach the classroom. The money is spread out over a host of designated “funds” complete with deceptive language about the need to set education standards and monitor the standards. The bloated education bureaucracy wins again.

Real education reform would focus on failing schools. It would provide choice for parents. It would reward good teachers. It would shrink the education bureaucracy.

Proposition 204 supports a failed approach to progress in the classroom. Voters should defeat it on November 6.

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Prop 204 does not improve education