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Our Digital President Went Pony Express on Us

Posted: October 29, 2012 at 1:00 pm   /   by

By Dick McDonald

We all put up with political lying because we ask politicians to be all things to all people. However, in the America I used to know, politically, lying stopped in the case of acts of war.  Well folks, things have changed. Our president, his administration, his political party, his fawning, slobbering media, TV, and Hollywood, along with his special interest groups like academe and unions, have gone silent on the act of war carried out by 150 or so Al Qaeda Islamic terrorists on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on 9/11. That day ,our sovereign territory was attacked in the same way had the attack taken place in New York City as it is accepted international law that embassies are the sovereign territory of the embassy’s home country. The  attack WAS an ACT OF WAR.

For the first 15 days after the attack, we were told by our President and those representing him that the act of war wasn’t that but merely a spontaneous riot by the people of Libya responding to a “defamatory” video on Mohammed put up on the web by an American. It turns out that in this digital age when it only takes 15 seconds for news to flash around the world the White House and the President knew it wasn’t the video at all but concocted that story to cover his campaign’s lie that he had decimated Al Queda in the Middle-East.  That deception may not reach to the level of treason but surely would be a call for impeachment had it been a Republican President doing the lying.

The President is our first digital President.  His campaign in 2008 was digitally orchestrated from his own Blackberry with split-second timing. For him now to proclaim he and his administration didn’t know what was happening in Benghazi for 15 days is beyond belief – it is pure fantasy land. Only in Hollywood, where we suspend our disbelief, could any American believe President Obama.  Now we know that it was all an orchestrated lie that HAD TO COME FROM THE TOP – President Obama – AND what are Americans going to do about it? Vote this liar another four years? The man operates the least transparent Administration in the history of our country.

The President called the killing of our Ambassador and three Seals a “bump in the road” and immediately went back to Vegas to campaign and hang out with Beyonce, Jay Z, and the rest of his dysfunctional functionaries. He claims he runs the country on the run right off his Blackberry but tries to tell us he wasn’t using it for 15 days  – especially on 9/11/2012. We know that is a lie. He was in the Oval Office.  He immediately heard about the ACT OF WAR and to this day has tried to deceive Americans into believing the “we’re investigating it” excuse to avoid admitting it before the election.

We all saw his group picture during the killing of bin Ladin – how about the picture of him seeing the raid on his Benghazi embassy? Someone took a picture – let’s see it.

It is an absolute tragedy that our “free press” is no longer free. It purposely omits the truth about the failings of Democrats like them to the detriment of the Republic for which we all stand.

In the age of instant communication, they try to feed us that Americans can’t really know the facts until the Pony Express arrives next month. Please spare us.

God help the United States of America if this guy is allowed to screw this country up any further than he already has.

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Our Digital President Went Pony Express on Us