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Spending increases while classroom funds do not

Posted: October 26, 2012 at 8:20 am   /   by

The people behind Proposition 204 have violated the basic standards of truth in advertising by airing TV ads claiming their top priority is children in the classroom.

The TV ads show parents and children with dour expressions of concern and worry. The ads claim that heartless state legislators shortchange Arizona schools and can’t be trusted. Their answer is more tax money out of reach of taxpayers and lawmakers.

Voters should consider what the ads could not afford to admit. While education spending per pupil has gone up 39% over the last ten years in Arizona, the actual dollars that reach the classroom have gone down 6.7%.

This is appalling mismanagement of education funds. More and more money spent on education and fewer dollars in the classroom. How could this happen?

The answer is simple. Far too many education dollars go to the education bureaucracy, the army of paper pushers who set so-called “standards” and then spend endless hours “evaluating” the standards. Meanwhile, students and teachers never see the money.

Now the Proposition 204 supporters want $1 billion a year in sales tax money to continue the fraud. Voters should demand education reform before they send another dime to the education elites. Reform would send money to the classroom and drain the education bureaucracy swamp.

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Spending increases while classroom funds do not