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The North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Joins a Growing List of Business Groups That Oppose Prop 204

Posted: October 15, 2012 at 12:20 pm   /   by

North Scottsdale Becomes the 11th Chamber and the 29th Professional Association to Rally Against a Permanent Tax Hike

PHOENIX – The North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce today announced its opposition to the permanent $1 billion tax increase that would be levied against Arizona’s hard working families and small business owners with the passage of Prop 204. It’s becoming more and more evident that Arizona’s business community believes Prop 204 is bad public policy and its long-term effects would be devastating to our local economy.

“Our economy is moving in the right direction,” said North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joe Galli. “Permanently raising the price on every good and service offered by our members will halt that growth.”

The North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce is a strong supporter of public education and believes that increased funding for education should be linked directly with results in the classroom. Less than 10 cents of every dollar collected as part of Prop 204 is tied to performance measurements.

“Our Chamber looks to support education reforms that will make Arizona’s workforce more competitive,” added Galli. “Prop 204 falls short on requiring that these additional dollars go directly to the teachers in the classroom where they’re needed the most, and will have the most impact on our children,” Galli finished.

Prop 204 also earmarks hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars for programs and special interest groups that have nothing to do with public education. Instead of mandating that the money be tied to meaningful education reforms and rewarding excellent teachers, $100 million every year will line the pockets of road contractors, the same group that is subsidizing the initiative.

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The North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Joins a Growing List of Business Groups That Oppose Prop 204