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Politics, Videos Defending Free Markets against Environmental Extremism

Posted: October 15, 2012 at 1:15 pm   /   by

Free Market America is a grassroots organization led by founder and Executive Director Ryan Houk.  Free Market America originated from a local Florida coalition (Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy) also founded and organized by Houk.  This coalition continued to grow, and eventually evolved into Free Market Florida.  Beginning in 2010, more than 330 business, civic and labor groups came together and fought against a Sierra Club-backed ballot initiative (Amendment 4) that if passed would have crippled economic growth all across Florida.    This Amendment was soundly defeated and the free market survived another relentless attack from the liberal left.

Free Market America was established to spread the idea and coalition created by Free Market Florida across the country  to offer help to neighboring states with their own battles against environmental extremism with the intent to secure more free and prosperous markets across our nation.    Watch YouTube video (posted on their “about us” page) titled “Tribute to Milton Friedman and the Humble Pencil” .  The success and spirit of entrepreneurship is brilliantly illustrated in a market that does not involve governmental intervention.

  • Our mission is to defend economic freedom against environmental extremism. Since the 1960s, environmental regulation has skyrocketed by over 7,000 percent! It’s a no-brainer that everyone wants clean water and clean air. But when it comes to environmental regulation, we’ve catapulted past commonsense.
  • The Small Business Administration estimates that environmental regulation costs America’s economy over $281 billion – every year. For a small business owner, the cost of regulation averages over $4,000 per worker. Those costs get passed onto our nation’s consumers in the form of higher product costs and, inevitably, fewer jobs for working Americans.

Founder and Executive Director Ryan Houck is featured in this powerful video released by Free Market America on April 9, 2012.  This video has been viewed over 2,500,000 times.  Continue to spread their message and share with others.

  • Based on Paul Harvey’s seminal essay, “If I were the devil,” Free Market America’s provocative video-letter to America rings with the same thoughtful intensity. “If I wanted America to fail” addresses the perilous side-effects of hitching our nation’s economic well-being to the bandwagon of environmental extremism.


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