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Jonathan Paton Calls on Ann Kirkpatrick to Repay Taxpayers for the “Kirkpatrick Kickback”

Posted: October 6, 2012 at 9:30 am   /   by

Releases from Paton for Congress:

Round of Calls Launched Asking Kirkpatrick to Refund $22,433.31

Jonathan Paton is again asking Ann Kirkpatrick to refund taxpayers the money her congressional office spent to reward her campaign staff after losing the 2010 election.

After losing her election in 2010, Kirkpatrick spent over $100,000 in her final 48 hours in office on taxpayer-funded staff bonuses.  Included in this amount was over $22,000 in bonuses to her former campaign aides.

Today Paton released a round of calls requesting Kirkpatrick to refund taxpayers the $22,433.31 she spent rewarding her political cronies.  Listen to the audio of the call here:


“I am anxious to hear whether or not Ann Kirkpatrick plans to give back the money she owes the taxpayers,” said Paton. “ Using taxpayer money to reward her campaign staff after she lost was irresponsible and dishonest.  After the voters said no to her votes on Obamacare and the wasteful stimulus, Kirkpatrick spent more of our money – it’s time to pay it back.”




Kirkpatrick Remains Mum on Refund to Taxpayers
$22,000 IOU still outstanding

Ann Kirkpatrick was quick to pay off her campaign staff with taxpayer money two years ago after losing her election. She hasn’t been so quick with a response to a demand to reimburse the U.S. Treasury for her $22,000 taxpayer funded spending spree.

“I called on Ms. Kirkpatrick to repay taxpayers for money she spent to hire campaign staff in 2010,” Congressional District 1 candidate Jonathan Paton said. “But much like when she refused to talk to constituents in Superior before her Obamacare vote, Ms. Kirkpatrick is remaining mum.”

The Arizona Republic reported that Ms. Kirkpatrick hired at least three campaign staffers after she was defeated in 2010 and paid them $22,000 in the brief time between her defeat and leaving office.

“Ms. Kirkpatrick owes taxpayers a refund,” Paton said. “It’s time she thinks of hard-working Americans not just her campaign staff.”

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Jonathan Paton Calls on Ann Kirkpatrick to Repay Taxpayers for the “Kirkpatrick Kickback”