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Representative Gosar Renews Commitment to Seek Justice

Posted: October 2, 2012 at 9:45 am   /   by

Casa Grande, AZ – Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar (R – AZ) released the following statement after Univision television released an investigative report linking weapons from Operation Fast and Furious to a 2010 massacre of Mexican high school students.

“I have long stressed that the costs of the actions under Attorney General Holder’s watch were not just the lives lost on American soil but those lost in Mexico as well.  The mass murder of students and an untallied number of other deaths are yet more horrendous consequences of Operation Fast and Furious,” said Congressman Gosar.  “This administration and Attorney General Holder have blood on their hands, and yet they still refuse to take responsibility.”

“It is past time to show not only the American people, but the Mexican people as well, that the United States still believes in justice and accountability—Attorney General Holder must go and answers must be given. I send my condolences to the victims’ families. I renew my commitment to not let up and not back down until justice is served.”

In 2010, Mexican cartels attacked and killed young men and women at a high school house party in Mexico. The Univision Fast and Furious report cited a Mexican Army document that linked three guns from that attack to Fast and Furious. The investigation also cited an attack linked to Fast and Furious weapons in 2009 that left 18 young men dead in Mexico.

As the only member from Arizona on the Committee for Oversight and Government Reform, Congressman Gosar has been a leading advocate for the victims of Operation Fast and Furious by demanding answers and justice. Gosar is the lead sponsor of H. Res. 490, a “Resolution of No Confidence” in the Attorney General, which currently has 114 cosponsors.

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Representative Gosar Renews Commitment to Seek Justice