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Kirk Adams calls for unity and support of Matt Salmon

Posted: September 28, 2012 at 2:30 pm   /   by

I first got involved in politics as an unpaid advocate for small business. I believed then as I do now that the heart of the American experience is the opportunity to pursue happiness. Our God given right to the pursuit of happiness was declared in the Declaration of Independence, and I believe it is best embodied in the hopes and dreams of America’s small business owners.

It is precisely because of American free enterprise and free markets that any individual with a good idea, a plan, and the will to work, can build something from nothing, reap the rewards, and if fortunate, pass a little along to their children. We often times refer to this in shorthand as the “American Dream”. And it is why this country can produce the successes of Steve Jobs, while at the same time produce the success of the corner dry cleaner.

The defense of free enterprise has animated my public service and it fueled my resolve in the recent Republican primary for Congress in Arizona’s Fifth District. It was a close and vigorous campaign and the voters made their choice. That choice is Matt Salmon.

I want you to know that as I head to the polls this November, Matt Salmon will have my support, and I trust he will have yours too. He is now the only candidate in the race with the capacity to defend free enterprise from the attacks being waged by the Obama Administration. When it comes time to choose between free enterprise or big government, he will choose free enterprise.

Voters can send a strong message to Barack Obama by delivering a strong victory for Matt Salmon. We will not accept a long slide into European-style social and economic decline. We still believe in the American Dream.


Speaker Kirk Adams


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Kirk Adams calls for unity and support of Matt Salmon