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Quality Education and Jobs Act insults voters’ intelligence

Posted: September 27, 2012 at 1:00 pm   /   by

A ballot proposition set to greet voters on the November ballot is an insult to each and every voter in Arizona. Proposition 204, otherwise known as the “Quality Education and Jobs Act”, is a permanent continuation of the nearly expired 1% sales tax passed in 2010. What is laughable about the proposition, is the utter disdain it shows for voters and the democratic process.

Forget for a minute that a bill supposedly crafted to give our kids a better education also finds room to sneak in almost $250 million per year for infrastructure and entitlement programs. Instead focus on the fact that this new tax is permanent and where the funds from this tax go are set in stone. Legislators will have no power to dictate where to best put this money to use under ANY circumstance.

We as citizens cherish our right to vote and send representatives to the capitol to act in our best interest. One of their duties is to set budgets, to evaluate the state of the state and allot funds as necessary to be best for our future.

By locking in a billion dollars of our income annually and directing it to special interests shows just how the authors of prop 204 really think about Arizona voters. “You are too ignorant to understand, let us take it from here…forever.”

If you value your right to vote and the power it has for change, use it in November to show unions and big government activists that we trust the system and our legislators. If you feel the income is needed vote in representatives that will put it in a budget. A permanent tax that essentially vetoes our future votes is not best for us, and its not best for our kids.

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Quality Education and Jobs Act insults voters' intelligence