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Campaign against Prop. 204 sales tax raises over $500,000

Posted: September 18, 2012 at 3:08 pm   /   by

The campaign opposing Arizona Proposition 204 has begun to gain support, raising more than $500,000 to date.  Arizona state treasurer Doug Ducey has come out against the measure, working to oppose it through the No New Taxes, No on Prop 204 campaign.

From the Arizona Capitol Times:

The impressive fundraising effort is the first solid indication there will be a vigorous campaign against Prop. 204, which seeks to continue a 1-cent sales tax that’s scheduled to expire by the middle of next year.

Several groups and individuals that once supported Prop. 100, the measure that put the current 1-cent sales tax increase on the books, have balked at Prop. 204.

They’re preparing a vigorous counter attack, hoping to persuade voters that Prop. 204 is a permanent tax increase, is being peddled when the budget situation has improved and was drafted by “special  interest” groups for their own benefit.

Unfortunately, the misnamed Quality Jobs and Education campaign already has a huge headstart.  They have spent over $800,000 so far.  The ‘No New Taxes’ group has just begun to raise the money needed to run a campaign like that statewide, but is already amassing a presence on social media.

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Campaign against Prop. 204 sales tax raises over $500,000