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Arizona Proposition 204 will destroy jobs and cost families money

Posted: September 15, 2012 at 3:45 pm   /   by

The so-called “Quality Jobs and Education Act” is theoretically going to reform our schools!  Spend  more money on education!  Build roads and bridges!  Stop homelessness!  And stop every other crisis, real or imagined, in the state of Arizona.  Of course, raising the state sales tax by one cent will do little toward those ends.  But what will it accomplish?

It will be expensive.  Sales taxes are expensive for workers and families trying to buy the things they need to survive.  They’re regressive taxes, that hurt poor people and the middle class the most.  It will cost people buying big-ticket items like cars or TV sets a huge amount of money.  For every $1000 spent, $10 will go into this massive government spending slush fund if Prop 204 passes.

Supporters are claiming the law will create quality jobs, but in fact this measure will destroy jobs.  Many of Arizona’s shopping malls and retail centers are ghost towns compared to their heydey in the early 2000’s.  Anchored by boarded up shops and the remains of what were once thriving businesses, these places are watching the jobs they used to create disappear.  It’s far from the only factor in play, but consumers’ ability to avoid sales taxes by shopping online is definitely playing a role in this.

No one is disputing that there are serious problems with public education in Arizona or that the government should focus on job creation.  But, Prop 204 is neither an education reform nor a pro-growth rollback of taxes and regulations.  It is more of the same we’ve been hearing from liberals all across the nation for the last four years:  we can stimulate the economy and create jobs by raising taxes and spending government money.  It didn’t work for America with the Recovery Act, and it won’t work for Arizona with Proposition 204.

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Arizona Proposition 204 will destroy jobs and cost families money