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“Trickle Down Fairy Dust”

Posted: September 9, 2012 at 2:30 pm   /   by

By Dick McDonald

The chief strategist for Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign, David Plouffe, stated the on Sunday shows last week that Governor Romney is offering the same policies that got us into the Great Recession in the first place – “top-down trickle-down fairy dust.”  “It didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now.”

Unfortunately many uninformed citizens will buy this deception because the Republicans don’t forcefully dispute these lies.  First of all the Great Recession was caused by the Democrat’s forcing banks to finance with government guarantees homes for people who couldn’t afford them.

Those guarantees from Freddie and Fannie were backed by the people of the United States essentially without their knowledge or approval because had they been asked they never would have given it.   It is time for the Republican talking heads to speak up and destroy the fallacy that their policies caused the Great Recession.

The trickle-down, top-down charge is ludicrous.  That is how economies have always worked. Before 1776 just a very few people called all the shots. The kings, queens and other monarchs dictated what trickled down to the masses. The democratic revolution in America changed all that to allow just about anyone to become powerful and wealthy and trickle down economic benefits on others.

Today we have several million industrious people in America that do the trickling.  These are the same people Democrats are blaming for a bad economy.  It is their 2012 campaign to vilify and punish them as greedy selfish heartless Republicans.

The implied policy of the Democrats is to unmercifully tax and regulate the “heartless” and redistribute their wealth to the middle class – with no mention of the poor (Democrats don’t mention the poor as they already have them buffaloed).

What Republicans should vehemently promote is that trickle-down is the effect of wealth creation not the cause.  Wealth is created by the mere fact that opportunity to create it exists in America.  Republicans should shout from the rooftops that Democrats are stifling and limiting opportunity at every turn and that is what is causing the massive reduction in the personal wealth of Americans and blocking its recovery.

Opportunity is what is meant by the word free in the term free market system.  Republicans need to make this abundantly clear to those who want to vote for a Democrat.  The American Dream depends on it.

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“Trickle Down Fairy Dust”