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Video: Woman discovers her boyfriend is not what she hoped

Posted: September 6, 2012 at 3:45 pm   /   by



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Obama Seemed Perfect But Women Are Feeling Cheated

(WASHINGTON D.C.) –, a project of the Independent Women’s Voice, today released a 30-second web video, “Boyfriend,” ahead of President Obama’s convention speech.

Women, who four years ago overwhelmingly supported candidate Obama based on his promise of a robust economic recovery and a new tone in Washington, are feeling a bit cheated.

For the first time this year President Obama is going through a rough patch with women, leaving him upside down on favorability rankings, with a majority (50%) of women voters, single and married alike, viewing him unfavorable while only 46% find him favorably.

Despite his dubious efforts to win women over, his policies have resulted in the real war on women: chronic unemployment, rising cost of living and a less-than thrilling economic recovery.

Perhaps if Obama learns some basic economics and implements policies to turn the relationship and our country around, women will give him another chance?

Video Script:

Melissa: I was so excited at first
Mary: I know
Melissa: He seemed so perfect
Mary: They always do
Melissa: And I could listen to him talk for hours
Mary: Did he ever do more than talk?
Melissa: I wanted to believe him.. I trusted him
Mary: Melissa.. we all did
Melissa: I’m tired of waiting for him to get his act together. It’s been almost four years
Mary: You can’t change him
Melissa: He always has an excuse for everything.. there’s always somebody else to blame
Mary: You can’t live on excuses
Melissa: Why do I always fall for guys like this?
Mary: You know you deserve better is a project of the Independent Women’s Voice focused on advocating a better policy direction for the future of our country. 

Independent Women’s Voice is a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for mainstream women, men and families dedicated to promoting limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility.

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
Christopher Cook is a writer, editor, and political commentator. He is the president of Castleraine, Inc., a consulting firm providing a diverse array of services to corporate, public policy, and not-for-profit clients.

Ardently devoted to the cause of human freedom, he has worked at the confluence of politics, activism, and public policy for more than a decade. He co-wrote a ten-part series of video shorts on economics, and has film credits as a researcher on 11 political documentaries, including Citizens United's notorious film on Hillary Clinton that became the subject of a landmark Supreme Court decision. He is the founder of several activist endeavors, including (now a part of Western Free Press) and He is currently the managing editor of and principal contributor to
Christopher Cook

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Video: Woman discovers her boyfriend is not what she hoped