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Democrat rank and file don’t want God, Jerusalem in platform

Posted: September 6, 2012 at 1:45 pm   /   by

The Democratic National Convention, a shambles from day one, eventually outdid itself and violated the cardinal rule that says politics is the art of addition and not subtraction, inclusion over exclusion to build a winning coalition on Election Day.

The crowning blow came on the second day of the convention when the party hustled to reverse a self-inflicted wound that had eliminated the mention of God and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel in the party platform.

Worst of all, the shabby attempt to save the day came on national television. When the hapless convention chairman moved to re-insert the mention of God and Jerusalem into the platform, he failed to get a two-thirds vote on three attempts. He ruled the motion passed anyway. Boos and catcalls filled the convention arena.

Unable to defend President Obama’s record, the convention was dominated by a narrow focus that avoided the main issue of the campaign – destructive unemployment and no way out if Obama is reelected.

Obama has had brushes with the mention of religion in the past. In more than one speech, he omitted the word “Creator” from references to the text of the Declaration of Independence. Millions of voters remember his association with the controversial Reverend Wright in Chicago that came to light in 2008.

The president’s record on Israel is a sore point as well. He has had a chilly relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and failed to visit Israel as president.

The firestorm over the party platform is no small issue. The party’s defiance of the mention of God and Jerusalem challenges the values of countless numbers of voters regardless of party affiliation. It drives voters away from a party they find hostile to their most basic beliefs.

The convention planners botched the venue for the president’s acceptance speech and moved it indoors on flimsy reports of bad weather. Convention rhetoric showed an obsession with the so-called war on women. Then the platform committee suffered an embarrassing setback in language offensive to millions of voters.

The only silver lining for the Democrats in Charlotte was the dismal television ratings for the convention proceedings. But voters remember a public display of hostility toward their most cherished values. They certainly will not forget before November 6.



The NOs sounded like they had it. Oh well, so much for the whole “democracy” thing . . . .

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Democrat rank and file don't want God, Jerusalem in platform