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Big Montana Skies, Dems Dream of Keeping Tester in Senate

Posted: August 24, 2012 at 3:15 pm   /   by

Montana is a pivotal state this election year. With Republicans vying to take back the Senate, Jon Tester’s re-election bid against Denny Rehberg will have serious consequences for the country.

Tester is finishing his first term as a United States Senator. He won the seat in 2006 after being Montana’s first Democratic Senate President in just over a decade. He led a resurgence of Democratic leadership in the state during the later part of President Bush’s tenure. Tester is commonly thought to be “your grandfather’s Democrat,” similar to the Blue Dog Democrats. He is pro-gun and anti-big business.

Tester has voted with the Democrats on key issues that he may have to account for come November. He voted for the President’s Healthcare Law, burdening small business and the middle class with the largest tax increase in history. The law also guts Medicare by over $700 billion. With his previous Senate race being the closest the nation saw in 2006, he definitely has an uphill climb to beat Denny Rehberg.

Rehberg has been Montana’s At-Large Congressman for nearly 12 years. He is Montana’s sole vote in the House of Representatives. Besides his first campaign in 2000, he has received at least 59% of the vote in each election. Considering that each race was statewide, Rehberg is a formidable match for Tester.

Currently, polls are leaning towards Rehberg. He has the experience and the name I.D. and it seems he will have the votes come November.

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Big Montana Skies, Dems Dream of Keeping Tester in Senate