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Joe Biden, Gaffe Machine Extraordinaire

Posted: August 23, 2012 at 12:45 pm   /   by

A new ad released this week by American Crossroads, a Republican Super PAC, is begging Vice President Joe Biden to continue on as the number two Democrat on the 2012 ticket.  The ad mentions that there have been rumblings of a VP swap by Obama, presumably to usher Hillary Clinton in as a replacement.  American Crossroads laments this chatter and released this ad to highlight some of Biden’s major campaign trail gaffes, letting the VP know that even if Obama throws him under the bus there are still those of us who would love to see him stay.

The minute-long ad is a hilarious bit of ‘ol Joe nostalgia. It starts with the obligatory VP spelling slip as Biden talks about his plan for recovery, “a three letter word, jobs, J-O-B-S, jobs.”  It didn’t stop there as it continued to point out his racially motivated threat to an African American crowd earlier this week, saying that Romney is “gonna put y’all back in chains!”  That gem was followed by another racist clip where he says you “can only go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts if you have a slight Indian accent.”

A major problem for the Democrats is that the slip-ups by Biden and his lack of credibility on the campaign trail make it that much harder for them to target Paul Ryan as an inexperienced, poor choice for VP. Ryan’s confidence, grasp of facts and data, and his intelligent, engaging style are a stark contrast to Biden and his nonsensical, incoherent rants.

Sadly for Obama, it seems ridding himself of Biden will not be so easy. Reports are surfacing that Hillary Clinton had been approached about the job as long as two weeks ago and quietly declined.  The Obama team is scrambling to find a solution for Biden and his gaffes, going so far as having staff try to get the media to soften reports before going to press.  The Obama press team hasn’t even issued a transcript of a Biden speech in over two months.

It seems as though Obama will be stuck with Biden until the election; it will be interesting to see what measures the President and his team will go to mitigate the damage by Biden.  With the ad by American Crossroads barely scratching the surface of Biden’s blooper catalog, and Biden sure to keep the hits coming, Republicans can sit back, relive the memories of Biden’s past and enjoy the show until November.

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Joe Biden, Gaffe Machine Extraordinaire