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Contrary to Dems’ Hopes, Ryan Brings Romney Momentum

Posted: August 23, 2012 at 4:45 pm   /   by

Less than two weeks after his selection as Mitt Romney’s running mate, polls show Paul Ryan gaining ground with voters and scoring big with his plan to reform and save Medicare.

Ryan now has a 41-37 percent favorable vs. unfavorable rating in a new Washington Post-ABC poll, an improvement over polling one week earlier when he was first selected. But 22 percent of those polled are still undecided about him, giving him ample room to improve his rating.

What is more revealing is Ryan’s strong showing among seniors, contradicting the hope of Democrats that Ryan’s plan to reform and save Medicare would alienate older voters. This time the usual Democratic “Mediscare” tactic is not working.

The poll shows Ryan scoring a 50-35 favorable vs. unfavorable among seniors. This is evidence that seniors understand that Ryan’s Medicare reforms have no effect on citizens over 55 and will help save the program for future generations.

These poll results show that Romney’s gamble on Ryan and the elevation of entitlement reform will pay off as the campaign moves from the party’s national conventions to the debates and into the final weeks before November 6. Romney has framed entitlement reform as part of his message that only spending cuts and limited government can save the country from bankruptcy.

Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare is now in direct conflict with President Obama’s health care law and the measure’s sharp cuts in Medicare funding. Ryan is winning the argument.

A recent Rasmussen poll showed that when it comes to the future of Medicare, 47 percent of likely voters fear Obama’s plan more than Ryan’s; 41 percent are more concerned about Ryan’s plan.

Ryan has energized the Romney campaign. His favorable rating is on the rise. He has shown that candidates can act like adults and tell the voters the truth. Mitt Romney made the right pick.

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Contrary to Dems' Hopes, Ryan Brings Romney Momentum