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Spinning Ryan as “anti-woman” isn’t going to work

Posted: August 21, 2012 at 9:00 am   /   by

As the GOP announced Paul Ryan as their candidate for Vice President, the left wasted no time in attempting to paint Ryan as the enemy of every voting demographic in America.  The left was especially quick to label Ryan as the new standard bearer of the GOP’s “war on women.”  Only moments after the announcement was made NBC’s Andrea Mitchell went to work setting the spin.  “This is not a pick for suburban moms,” Mitchell claimed. “This is not a pick for women.”

Presumably the left will focus on Ryan’s record in opposing abortion, the Health and Human Services contraceptive mandate, and his lack of support for workplace regulations.  The main issue of this campaign, however, will be the budget and economy which will place Ryan’s plan under the microscope.

This was the Romney team’s strategy all along, and the more Ryan’s plan is exposed and analyzed the more that, not only women, but all voters will be drawn to the potential VP who has been labeled “the last boy scout.”  With time and a proper introduction, voters will come to appreciate Ryan’s honest, straightforward and sensible plan for tackling the debt crisis. They will understand the GOP ticket is not the “Mediscare” threat the left is hoping to sell, but is instead looking to make tough, grown-up decisions about the issues that voters really care about.

These early attacks highlight the flawed liberal idea that all women vote in a bloc, and not just that they vote together, but that for some reason they vote with their ovaries. This ignorant generalization should be insulting to all women.  A survey put out by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that “female voters (like male voters) continue to focus on the economy above all else as an election issue.”  In fact only a small minority of voters even categorize contraception and women’s choice issues as “extremely important.”

Despite the claims of Obama and the Democrats, nobody wants to leave seniors out in the cold and nobody is proposing a scenario that would do this. What “suburban moms” really want is to provide their children with a brighter future that is more secure, offers more opportunity and provides freedom from debt to pursue the American dream.  This is the message and conversation that the Romney team has been aiming for, and by adding Ryan to the ticket they back it all up with a formalized action plan.

So, while it may be true that 56% of Medicare recipients are women, they are also mothers who fiercely protect their family, they are optimists who find negative campaigning distasteful, and they are intelligent, passionate voters who care about ALL the issues.  So as the left tries to pigeonhole half the electorate and entice them with flashy punch lines, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will start the conversation on where to go as country and warmly invite women to join. The Obama team underestimates the intelligence, diversity and passion behind female voters and Paul Ryan is the catalyst that will help the country finally realize it.

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Spinning Ryan as "anti-woman" isn't going to work